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Aug 15, 2013 11:56 AM

lighter fare for dinner between Gold Coast (lower-Upper East Side--E 60s) and Bryant Park tonight

Kind of a last-minute plea: We've been visitors chowing on all sorts of things for days. I don't want another Italian, kebab, pizza, or burger joint. I need something lighter--like a brothy Asian thing or veggie/salad-intensive sort of place. No more gut-bombs.

Were it not so far South, I'd head back to Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown for the awesome broth dumplings...


edit p.s.: nothing super-fancy for timing reasons.

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  1. Joe's Shanghai has a branch on West 56th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

    Katsu Hama has Japanese cutlets as well as ramen.

    Ma Peche might also work for you.

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      THanks! The Joe's tip is awesome. I'll look into the others, too.

      1. re: fm1963

        Also Hidechan ramen on 52st between 2nd and 3rd.

      2. How about the Modern Bar Room?

        1. Mapo Tofu or Hunan Manor across the street

          1. Check out Restaurant Rikki just east of Grand Central. Authentic Japanese homestyle.

            1. Too bad I only had time to factor in fm1963's suggestions: decided Katsu-Hama on 47th was our best bet and took a cab there to find it boarded up with a "renovating until September" sign. Arghh. I'd even checked the company website--you'd think they'd indicate there that one of their locations is out of commission.

              With time tight and no better clue, we headed to the Grand Central food court. I had Thai Toon make me a fresh batch of phad thai--not bad but not a learning experience. Oh, well...

              Thanks, everyone.