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Aug 15, 2013 11:41 AM

Recipes, tips and tricks for zucchini lasagna

Does anyone have a good recipe or any tips or tricks for zucchini lasagna? I guess I'm most interested in how to prevent mushy zucchini pasta strips or any other suggestions.

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  1. After you slice them let them dry on a clean kitchen towel for a few hours (if you can, or at least as much time as you can.)

    1. I slice them about 1/4" thick (maybe a little less, but you don't want them too thin, or they'll just disintegrate). I salt well and allow to sit for a while, to get some of the water out, and pat them dry well with paper towels. Then I brown them on a griddle until they're still al dente. I also make my sauce a little drier than I otherwise would and/or drain my ricotta so that there's not too much moisture, because even with the salting and draining, the zucchini will give up moisture.

      1. If you have larger zukes, you can slice them in strips by working around the perimeter, but stopping before you get to the seeds. That will avoid using the wateriest part of the vegetable.

        You can salt, rinse, and pat the strips dry, or set them on a rack over a sheet pan in a low oven (under 250F) to dry them somewhat

        1. I pre cook. Usually a dry or semi dry (very little oil) and cook in skillet. I avoid browning.

          1. Use a mandolin to cut them thin and uniform, dry them and make like a traditional lasagna.