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What are your favorite Union County restaurants

-has to be Union County
-Restaurant would be defined as "nicer than a TGIFridays/Olive Garden/Similar"


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  1. I don't get up there much but I do like Rio 22

    1. I think these are all Union County:
      Pairings - Cranford
      Acquaviva - Westfield
      La Griglia - Kenilworth
      Benitos - Kenilworth

      1. La Griglia. (will be there next thurs!!)

        1. Thailand - Clark
          Star of India - Kenilworth
          Theresa's - Westfield
          A Toute Heure - Cranford
          Nagoya - Westfield

          1. http://www.lucianosristorante.com/: good food, but pricey.
            http://www.ursinorestaurant.com/: also expensive
            I'll second Theresa's in Westfield because they seem to always use fresh ingredients, which is key to a good meal.

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              I'm embarrassed to say that I never tried Ursino, even though I worked 0.2 miles away (distance according to Google maps) for much of the last year until 3 weeks ago.

              I've eaten at Luciano's more frequently than at any other restaurant anywhere over the past 5 years, because it was my employer's default restaurant when we hosted visitors (this was before I was in Union near Ursino). Maybe it's a case of "familiarity breeds contempt" -- but I really dislike that place... arrogant service, mediocre food. I never paid much attention to price because it was on the company's dime (and in most cases I was not personally dealing with the bill anyway).

              1. re: drongo

                Drongo, I tend to agree with you about Luciano's. I liked it much more when they first opened. They seemed to become full of themselves as time went on. However, I feel it's slim pickins in Union County for restaurants for that special occasion, so I have to include this spot on my favorites list. But it's getting harder and harder to pay the huge bill when the food does not impress anymore.

            2. Garlic Rose (Cranford)
              Boulevard 572 (Kenilworth)

              1. Fiorino's in Summit has been consistently good for Italian/Tuscan style food. I find their wine list to be good and reasonably priced.

                For Pizza Randazzo's is also good, and my daughter loves their eggplant parm sub. The homemade salad dressing is quite good as well. Nice casual place.

                Roots Steakhouse is another winner in my book. Though it is def. and upscale place. (as opposed to my two previously mentioned restaurants.)

                Although it is a little bit of a hole in the wall, slightly dive-ish I also enjoy Rte 22 BBQ in Union.

                Goodman's Deli in Berkeley Hts is also a winner. Great pastrami and brisket sandwiches.

                1. Great list everyone...my personal list is:
                  Huntley Tavern-Summit
                  Roots Steakhouse-Summit
                  Brick Oven-Westfield (friends, so I'm slighted)
                  Ursino-Union, def. a must go to!!!
                  A Toute Heure-Cranford

                  Cant wait until FISH (of Montclair opens in Summit)
                  Agreed on Lucianos, enjoyed it once or twice but...ehhhhh I'm over it.

                  How about Railhouse 1449???? Rahway

                  1. Taormino in Kenilworth...going tonight!

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                    1. Add another fan of Pairings Plate + Palate in Cranford! I also like Avenue East and Kilkenney's Pub, also in Cranford.

                      Ursino requires a revisit, as I went in the first year they were open and wasn't quite as wowed as others have been since then.

                      Red Cadillac on Morris Ave in Union is another keeper...

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                        I was looking forward to Avenue East (having read lots of positive reviews), but was disappointed. We sat at the Sushi bar (maybe the problem?) and found the service SERIOUSLY lacking. Love Nagoya in Westfield, though, for sushi!

                        1. re: jbsiegel

                          I've only been there a handful of times, and always with 6-8 people, so maybe the service was ok b/c we were a big group with the potential for a bigger tip! But everything I've had there has been yummy; I'm particularly fond of the Assam (soup).

                          1. re: Curlz

                            The food was definitely good...it was just the service that was totally lacking. Maybe I'll have to give it a try at a table instead of the sushi bar.

                      2. My absolute favorite is A Toute Heure in Cranford. I haven't been as wowed by Pairings as some people have - maybe I should revisit.
                        Also in Cranford, Mizu Sushi is delicious and our go-to sushi spot.
                        Not fancy at all, but Picante in Fanwood dishes up some great Mexican food.
                        With a new baby we don't get out for dinner much so I appreciate great lunch places. Our two favorites at the moment are Loaded in Garwood (amazing burgers) and &grain, also in Garwood.

                        1. Le Rendezvous ~ Kenilworth


                          Portugal Express ~ Elizabeth



                          Just these two alone are all I think about when I think of Union County! So tasty!!