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Aug 15, 2013 10:15 AM

What are your favorite Union County restaurants

-has to be Union County
-Restaurant would be defined as "nicer than a TGIFridays/Olive Garden/Similar"


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  1. I don't get up there much but I do like Rio 22

    1. I think these are all Union County:
      Pairings - Cranford
      Acquaviva - Westfield
      La Griglia - Kenilworth
      Benitos - Kenilworth

      1. La Griglia. (will be there next thurs!!)

        1. Thailand - Clark
          Star of India - Kenilworth
          Theresa's - Westfield
          A Toute Heure - Cranford
          Nagoya - Westfield

          1. good food, but pricey.
   also expensive
            I'll second Theresa's in Westfield because they seem to always use fresh ingredients, which is key to a good meal.

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              I'm embarrassed to say that I never tried Ursino, even though I worked 0.2 miles away (distance according to Google maps) for much of the last year until 3 weeks ago.

              I've eaten at Luciano's more frequently than at any other restaurant anywhere over the past 5 years, because it was my employer's default restaurant when we hosted visitors (this was before I was in Union near Ursino). Maybe it's a case of "familiarity breeds contempt" -- but I really dislike that place... arrogant service, mediocre food. I never paid much attention to price because it was on the company's dime (and in most cases I was not personally dealing with the bill anyway).

              1. re: drongo

                Drongo, I tend to agree with you about Luciano's. I liked it much more when they first opened. They seemed to become full of themselves as time went on. However, I feel it's slim pickins in Union County for restaurants for that special occasion, so I have to include this spot on my favorites list. But it's getting harder and harder to pay the huge bill when the food does not impress anymore.