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Aug 15, 2013 10:13 AM

Cafe Stella in Silverlake still good?

Looking for a French restaurant with great atmosphere and outdoor seating.

Is Café Stella still good... or are there other similar places that are better in LA?


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    1. re: TonyC

      I can only speak for brunch as it is one of my favorite lunch spots. I don't know about dinner.

      Cafe Stella can do two things that a shocking number of places in LA cannot:

      1. Poach an egg properly and to the right degree
      2. Make hollandaise sauce very well

      For that reason their Eggs Benedict is near the top of my list in LA.

      The Croque Madame is terrific and the one I return to the most. And I can vouch for the aforementioned Stella Burger with tomato confit, fennel jam and blue cheese.

      Not to mention that they walk next door to pick up your coffee at Itelligentsia.

    2. They have an excellent burger (only available at the bar though)

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      1. re: Ernie

        Really enjoyed the breakfast I had there. Never been for dinner.

        1. re: Ernie

          The burger is also available at the table.

          It's at best a mediocre burger (poor bun/beef ratio, over dressed, over salafied, overcooked, blah blah blah), which makes it about 100% percent than the burgers at 38 Degrees.

            1. re: TonyC

              No, it is a great burger. But we obviously have different tastes.

              What does "which makes it about 100% percent than the burgers at 38 Degrees" mean?

              1. re: TonyC

                Cool Tony C, but now we need to know what your favorite burger place is so we can judge you...

            2. You can sit outside at the cafe downstairs.

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              1. re: perk

                Thanks, perk! Will look into Bouchon...

              2. I had pretty lackluster food when I went a few months ago.

                Blanquette de veau was tough and bland. Sole meuniere was overcooked and bland. I can't even remember anything else I ate there but overall I was just incredibly disappointed that they couldn't bother to make proper French classics that few places even do anymore.

                1. Great spot to sit outside but I always found it to be overpriced, especially given the quality of the food. We went last week - only because the meal was being expensed - and found the food to be just okay.

                  My steak was on the tough side but my frisee, lardons, poched egg salad was solid as usual.

                  After the meal, we all agreed that it's an okay place if someone else is paying but there are too many other options that cost less and deliver more.

                  And yes, the burger is pretty darn solid.

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                  1. re: JeMange

                    Definitely pricey, with that money I'd rather go to Church & State which I don't even go to anymore.