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Aug 15, 2013 09:25 AM


I've seen Hanjan recommended multiple times, but does anyone have any specific suggestions for what to order? I'm going Saturday night and would love some input.

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  1. fried chicken
    scallion pancake with squid
    galbi skewers

    1. Pork fat rice cake is a must!
      I am a Korean and it tastes better than most rice cake dishes found in Korea. LOL
      Late night ramen served from 9PM is pretty awesome too.

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      1. re: kosmose7

        They get their ramen from Totto Ramen don't they?

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Only noodles are supplied by Totto.
          But then, with the exception of a few places like Ippudo, most ramen houses in New York get their noodles from three factories around the city.

          Hanjan, like many other ramen shops in NY, makes broth by themselves and it's really good!

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            I have wanted very badly to try it but GF is a vegetarian and they don't have anything for her (ramen wise).

        2. Went last night. It was excellent and fairly reasonable, would definitely return.
          Scallion pancake with local squid (deep fried food is not my jam, but it was pretty good)
          Homemade cold tofu (excellent. Not a main character, but a good supporting player)
          Pork fat ricecake (amazing. Would happily eat a whole plate of this myself, and then some).
          Fresh killed chicken wings (and how. Crispy, fatty, juicy and tender. Really good)
          Gwangju Market fried chicken (the dud of the night. Breaded fried tasteless chicken fat bombs. Needed some spice...or something).
          Galbi skewers (I don't eat beef but my dates loved these).
          House special blend soju (smooth and went down easy).
          It's nice in there and the noise level is manageable. Bless them for that. I can't wait till NYC puts the kibosh on restaurants as loud as clubs.

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          1. re: chompchomp

            We went on Saturday and had pretty much everything you suggested.
            Perilla Jeon with pork and shrimp, Scallion pancake, pork fat rice cake (so so good), chicken wings, galbi skewers, Radish Kimchi and brisket fried rice. Everything was awesome. I actually could have done without the galbi skewers (not that memorable) which surprised me. We also had a GREAT deal (3 bottles for 2 of us - oops) of soju that was delicious.

            The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived about 8pm on Saturday. It filled up a bit but I was sad/surprised it wasn't more popular. It's damn good!

          2. had dinner at Hanjan last night. considering it was Friday night the place was only 2/3 full at 7pm. it was full by the time we left.

            i thought the flavors were amazingly authentic considering it's not even in ktown. the standout dishes were the mackerel, fried chicken, rice cakes, pajeon, and fried rice. the chicken skewers, sashimi, and stew were all very good as well. overall a very good experience and would definitely recommend over the hectic ktown restaurants.

            1. i find it baffling that people are praising the pajeon, at least w/o mentioning that their item (i won't even call it a "version" of pajeon) is not a pancake at all: it's squid and scallion cooked in mass-of-tempura/kakiage style and then chopped into big chunks...if you like it, great, but it's not pajeon, not even remotely and despite sitting on the "traditional" side of the menu...i tried it, and would never order it again...