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Aug 15, 2013 08:50 AM

Copenhagen for one night

I'll be in Copehagen for one night next week and would be grateful for a recommendation. Vegetarian or seafood/fish would be our preference and we're willing to splurge a little though would be very happy with something inexpensive too. Something typically Danish or otherwise interesting would be grand.

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  1. Kodbyens Fiskebaren. Best oysters ever. One of my favourite meals in Denmark.

    1. We tried to get a reservation at Kodbyens Fiskbaren last fall, but a week in advance was not sufficient... if you want to go there call ASAP.

      If this doesn't work, and not knowing where you're staying, I'd recommend Aamanns smørrebrødsdeli. They have several fish and vegetarian options in the deli, or you can go to the restaurant next door if you're wanting something a bit more "sit down" and very typically Danish.

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        Also recommending Aamans for smorrebrod.