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Aug 15, 2013 07:42 AM

Oyster farms with picnic area

Are there any oyster farms in the Seattle area that have picnic areas with BBQs similar to Tomales Bay Oyster Company north of San Francisco?

I'll be visiting that area later this year and would like to visit some oyster farms and BBQ up some oysters.

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  1. not really Seattle, but about an hour and a half north on Chuckanut Drive is Taylor Shellfish farms with a picnic area

    Chuckanut is worth the drive from Seattle. Spectacular scenery!

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      1. re: firecracker

        And a few mins drive north from Taylor is Larrabee State Park, where picnicking is available:

        (go down to 'Picnic and Day-use Facilities'):

        1. re: LotusRapper

          yes, absolutely agree with LR on Larabee ---- and there is also Bayview State Park to the south end of Chuckanut Dr

          ps - how do you bbq oysters? is it just to open them up or do you season / sauce them?

    1. Buck Bay Shellfish on Orcas Island has a small area. I've never eaten there but always buy shellfish, fish and produce there when I'm on Orcas, and I love the place. But Orcas involves a ferry ride.

      1. There are several oyster farms in the Willapa Bay area and they all have public parks within a short distance from their stores. East Point Seafoods in South Bend has a park across the street. Nisbit Oyster Company is just a short drive to the park at Bay Center. On the other side, Oysterville Sea Farms is just a short drive north of the Port of Peninsula where there is a small picnic area just north of the boat launch. Jolly Roger Oysters is based there but they do not have retail sales.