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Looking for a reuben north of Boston

I'm craving a Reuben but have no wish to travel into Boston. Are there any delis/restaurants that have them on the menu north of Boston? Somewhere in the vicinity of Wakefield/Reading/North Reading would be preferable...

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  1. I know Karl's in Peabody has one, but it sounds non-traditional (ham instead of corned beef), so I've never ordered it, but it's on there

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      I've had it. It's a good sandwich, but not really a reuben, with the ham.

    2. Borelli's Deli in Methuen does a good one.

      1. Carroll's in Medford Square does one that is pretty darn good... a little pricey but the are good. They also have great nacho's too.

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        1. brothers deli wakefield center

          1. Spotted Pig in Salem. Try the Piginator too.

            1. I know that DiCara's on Main Street in Reading does a corned beef and cheese sandwich, but not sure about a full-blown Reuben. Ryer's Store in North Reading has a reuben on their menu (called the Airport). I haven't tried it, but have been happy with some of the other sandwiches we've tried there.

              1. Lendy's on RT1 on Saugas has a nice corned beef sandwich, never had the Rueben

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                1. Thanks for all the responses! I'll check out at least one this weekend and report back.

                  1. Kelly's Roast Beef does a nice job with the reuben.

                    1. There are no good Reubens North of Boston. The answer is Sam LaGrassa's. Downtown Crossing.

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                        I disagree, Evans in Marblehead has very good corned beef and pastrami as well. And if ever in Portsmouth, the brewery does a nice one.

                      2. A friend reports that the best reuben she's ever had was at Cafe Escadrille in Burlingon. This was a few years ago so I don't know if it's a menu staple.

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                          It is on the menu though why you would be eating here unless it was your 40th wedding anniversary , Im not sure.

                          It is the kind of place that has a tableside Chateubriand and baked alaska on the menu, so possibly they pay attention to an old school corned beef, but the buffet at The Mughals is more my speed

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                            Man cannot live by naan alone. Yes, it is patronized by a sea of walking Q-tips, but I've eaten there a number of times over the years and always had a good, though not spectacular, meal and service. Most memorable was a pumpkin praline cheesecake with caramel sauce one autumn several years ago, which was one of the best desserts I've ever had.

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                              I used to live the apartment complex right down the street. Never saw so many caddies or lincolns in one parking lot. My roommates parents would take us there for special occasions. The food was always good and to an underpaid twentysomething at the time I would even say it was great. This was 1986 or so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

                        2. Surprisingly, I had a very good one at the Tewksbury Country Club.