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Aug 15, 2013 07:12 AM

Joseph Romanowski, beloved Jersey Shore chef, dies (BAT)

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  1. I was aware that he had cancer. In fact he first was diagnosed some 3 years ago and with treatment, it went into remission. As I talked with folks who worked for him, he was ready to 'rebuild' after Sandy but relapsed with a major spreading of the disease.

    He was the best. A great chef, who mentored many (including Drew Araneo) and best of all, he was a Deadhead. That makes him 'aces' in my book.

    Fare you well, Fare you well,
    I loved you more than words can tell.

    Joe's cooking was often imitated, rarely equaled. Oh, how I'll miss his soups, his fried oysters, his short ribs or halibut dishes........

    1. Only 52, way too soon. RIP Joe. Nice read, funny to see the connections among our favorite places like Drews. Condolences to maggie and the Rest of he his family.