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Aug 15, 2013 05:36 AM

Looking for a location for a 65th anniversary lunch on Cape Cod

It is my aunt & uncle's anniversary and he wants to take her some place nice. Lunch would be best for them since they can drive in daylight. This is for mid August. Most of the nice places I can think of do not serve lunch. TIA

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  1. Chillingsworth has Sunday brunch 12-2 - it's been years since I've been there, but I remember it was excellent. Dinner prices are through the roof, but brunch is probably reasonable.

    1. What part of the Cape? I assume they are in their 80s and would like to keep the driving to a minimum.

      Avoid Chillingworth unless they like a run down room, with lousy, overpriced food, served with an attitude. It has sucked for years.

      1. They are in Mashpee near the Barnstable line.

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          That's a tough area, and lunch is tough enough. Probably have to settle for something in Hyannis like Albertos? Or maybe L'Osteria la Civetta in Falmouth on Main St.?

        2. If they are willing to drive to Chatham, the Chatham Bars Inn is beautiful.

          1. wow, 65 married years. wow!

            these 2 spots are open for lunch and seem about 30 min from mashpee.



            Another thought is for them to go to a Brunch or an EARLY dinner so they could be home before dark.And lastly, maybe one of their younger relatives could offer to chauffeur them for their special celebration(and go off and read a book in between drop off and pick up.) just a thought.

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              Nice thoughts, Chef. Having someone drive them or perhaps changing plans for an early dinner opens up many possibilities. I wouldn't agree, however, with either of your two recs. The Ocean House Beaches Cafe is just a small venue in a motel in Dennisport. The room is a typical motel coffee shop feel with plastic chairs. The outdoor bar is nice, but it's still in a motel courtyard and only serves up burgers, sandwiches and the like. Naked Oyster is on Main St. in Hyannis and isn't special IMO. It's best feature is the bar, and the food is very hit or miss. I like Ham;'s idea of CBI or maybe the Wequasett Inn in Harwich. Heck, folks in their 80s seem to love Matakeese Wharf and it's lovely location and killer views..

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                For their age and this level of celebration, Wequassett or CBI all the way. Naked Oyster too modern hip for oldsters, IMHO..Beaches is fun for sure but as CCG shared, rather casual...