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Aug 14, 2013 10:42 PM

Recommendations please -- downtown and Liverpool Hope Uni (Hope Rd.)

Hi there -- my husband is off to a conference at the Liverpool Hope University (Hope Rd. campus) in a few weeks. Would love recommendations for good food in the near vicinity, particularly a reasonable pub. He also plans to go into City Centre for a day and recommendations for food there are also appreciated (maybe along with a suggested cool thing to see/do? :) )

Many thanks in advance!!

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  1. Do you mean Hope St?

    If so, have you searched this board? There are a couple of threads on Liverpool, with a fair few recommendations for central Liverpool and Hope St.

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      Sorry, yes, Hope St.! We'll search the Board -- just wasn't sure if something this specific with Hope St. had come up before (downtown probably not a problem).

    2. Hi. I'm a big fan of Liverpool. I just looked up Liverpool Hope University and I have good news :) You will be only 4 minutes away by car to a great restaurant called The Spire.
      There are lots of places of course in the city centre. I have enjoyed Salt House Tapas amongst others. Cool things to do abound: A ride on the ferry, the Museum of Liverpool, more food, more drink :)) Seriously, the Munro, for one, is a good place to eat and drink - it's a nice pub/restaurant. I'm sure I can think of more.

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        Thanks so much! I'm passing on this information to my husband -- if you do think of more, let us know! Very appreciated.

        I had taken the ferry once about 13 years ago, but didn't really get to see too much of Liverpool unfortunately. It's a great city.

        1. re: sandmasterflash

          I've just looked at the university website, and there's no Hope University campus on Hope St - so do you mean Hope Park? If so, Spire isn't far, and there are a few other options in the Allerton area. One place your husband might like is Pi - it's an informal bar/restaurant on Rose Lane, with a long list of beers (they have a few reasonably priced wines too) and a very simple menu of pies - they sell Pieminster pies, which are fab (and I don't like pies) with optional mash (rich and creamy), gravy and minted peas. It's not a pub, but is similar in that it's relaxed, you don't have to eat there and beer and pies are the focus.

          Let us know if anything comes up from your search - I've made lots of recommendations in the past. Current city centre favourites for me are: Salt House Tapas, Lunya, Italian Club Fish, The Side Door, The Quarter amongst others.

          1. re: Theresa

            Oh no - now I'm confused.. My husband just said Hope Road initially, looking at a Google Map and he's never been there. That will probably help our search if it's Hope Park - thanks for clearing that up! Pi sounds amazing... I wish I could go as well. I think he'd like the sounds of that place. Will definitely report back once he gets me word :)

            Thanks also for the city centre picks!!

        2. re: morebubbles

          I would not walk round the corner to eat at Spire, let alone drive the 45 minutes it would take me to get there again. It was one of the most disappointing meals we've had in the northwest.

          Starters - one good, one indifferent

          Mains - one poor, one indifferent

          Desserts - one good, one couldnt be arsed ordering one by that stage of the evening.

          1. re: Harters

            Thanks for your input on the place, Harters.