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Aug 14, 2013 10:00 PM

Broke My Elbow...

Soooo, yesterday I took a bit of a tumble off my bike (long story short, a car turned right in front of me around a corner in the parking lot, I braked hard, wheels skittered out, girl down).

This morning I finally got talked into going to the doctor, and the result is a broken elbow.

So, I live (mostly) alone. My boyfriend is staying with me for about a week before he returns to Minneapolis (I live in Seattle).

My orthopedist wants me eating a LOT of protein, and a LOT of calcium. Specifically, red meat (beef), oily fish, eggs, and full-fat dairy.

Any suggestions for easy (my arm doesn't move so hot, and lifting things like my cast iron skillet won't work - way too heavy) meals that are calorie, protein, and nutrition-packed (and meet the above guidelines) to speed me back on my way to health? Ideally, things I'll be able to prepare with relative ease once my darling helper here flies home, or things he could cook ahead of time and leave me with for easy reheating.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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  1. Oh, many sympathies on your broken wing! Look for full-fat yogurt - it's fabulous stuff (especially with honey & walnuts). Lots of calcium and happiness - I'm convinced that healthy high-fat food helps improve health because it makes us happy. :-)

    For protein, buy some sliced roast beef from a good deli, and make sandwiches with arugula (buy a prewashed bag to make your life easier) and goat cheese or a slice of whatever hard cheese makes you happy (buy it presliced or ask your boyfriend to slice it for you). Rolled slices of roast beef make a nice main course for a dinner, too - I love 'em dipped in prepared horseradish sauce, or lingonberry jam, or both.

    Fish is great for protein - brush it with oil then roast or broil it on a cookie sheet + tin foil for ease of lifting. And if you buy a bony fish (like salmon, mackerel, or trout), eat the bones for extra calcium. I'm not kidding - I love those fish bones.

    Broccoli has calcium, too; your sweetie can chop and steam fresh broccoli for you, but when you're alone, go for frozen broccoli.

    Best of luck with your healing!

    1. Beef stew freezes very well so you bf can cook a big pot of it and freeze in serving size portion, salmon can be cooked in the oven easily, fritatas and quiches also freeze well....

      Hope you have a fast recovery.

      1. I slipped on ice a few years back walking my new dog. Well of course I broke my fall with a badly injured wrist. Fortunately I didn't live alone so prep work was taken care of.
        Thinking simply about maneuvering things single handed. Utilize precut vegetables or ones prepared whole (it will be easier to cut cooked). Two smaller pans so its one handed. Scissors for opening packages. Electric can opener opens a lot of options. Rubber bands or other gripper for jars (or have them all almost not tight for now). Remember clean up, foil works well and pouring water into the pan (if safe) for ease.

        Just a couple ideas
        Baked salmon with roasted cherry tomatoes, capers and couscous and a dollop of yogurt.
        Baked chicken and baked potato with broccoli.

        1. My kind of Dr. Here is one that has been around for years. Make a big batch and the leftovers freeze well. I serve it up in pita pockets. It's also good in an omelette.

          1. I'm sorry! I did this (broken elbow) at work two years ago (slipped on ice). Be prepared for some rigorous physical therapy for you to get most (if not all) of the range of motion back in your arm.

            My ortho suggested adding extra alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C, and D3 supplements for a couple months.

            I would advise you to eat plenty of shellfish if you can, and "fatty" fish like salmon, mackerel, etc, if you like them.

            Eat foods rich in phosporous--sunflower seeds and broccoli are good choices.

            I would buy bags of pre-cut broccoli florettes, and bags of shelled sunflower seeds.

            If you order takeout, the good stuff like turmeric combined with beef in a curried beef would be a good bet for you. Sushi, too, if you eat that--and eat the pickled ginger with it.

            Get yourself a bunch of bottles of Muscle Milk Lite...low in sugar and high in protein. Good boosts on days you can't eat right.

            Be takes a while, but you will be fine!!!