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Aug 14, 2013 08:47 PM

Lunch near medical center

Hi all. Im from Austin and will be at the medical center/rice village area every day for the next month. I'd appreciate any lunch recommendations in the area that are worthwhile, relatively quick service, and ok for solo diners. I've been to kata robata, moes knockout grill, local foods, Benjys, kubo. I'm looking for more places to add to the rotation. Any good Thai or Indian places? How is azuma or mi Luna?

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  1. Cleburne's cafeteria, Hungary's, and Ruggles cafe are my favorites in the area.

    Thai Pepper on W. Alabama at Shepherd is highly recommended by friends who love Thai food.

    1. Azuma is pretty good. Not as good as KR, but owned by the same group, so still high quality. Mi Luna is okay, not great. Several people have recommended Bombay Brasserie to me, but I haven't been yet. I've been to Shiva, and I would say it is similar to Mi Luna in that it is okay, but not great. Two places that have been on my list to try in that area are Istanbul Grill and Pasha.

      Also, slightly further afield, I really like Turquoise Grill and Thai Bistro on the 59 feeder.

      1. Local Foods on Dunstan Rd (next to Benjys) is very good option for excellent sandwiches and incredible sides. It is not far to get to Indika (modern Indian) for lunch on Westheimer from you. You are too far from my fav thai (Thai Gourmet way out on Richmond), but NIdda Thai on Westheimer/Montrose is very good, fast and has parking.
        On Montrose near Alabama (not far) is Eatsie Boys which is very good for interesting sandwiches.

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          I ate lunch at Indika about six months ago while in town for business. One of the best meals I've had in Houston in years. Very, very good!

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            Another vote for Nidda. Best Thai in the area.

          2. If you want to venture up Kirby, Pondicheri is also a good lunch option.

            1. there are lots of good recs here. Istanbul Grill is probably the most popular Turkish restaurant in Houston but i much prefer Pasha and even Turquoise Grill. Across from Istanbul is D'Amico's for Italian. I generally avoid the Village except for Pasha and Local Foods but I have eaten at the other location of D'Amico's in the Heights and it was good. Another Italian to consider is Candelaris on Holcombe @ Kirby, west of the Med Ctr.

              Shiva is just okay, imo, Northern Indian and I much prefer Southern Indian vegetarian but I don't think there's any close. Nidda Thai is good; there's a new Thai also in Montrose if you're going that far, Njoy, which I've heard good things about but never been.

              South of TMC on Main @ OST is Capt. Benny's Oyster Bar. In the Fiesta across OST is a Cafe TH Express, a little sibling to Cafe TH downtown, a highly regarded Vietnamese bistro.

              I wouldn't worry about solo dining at any of these places.