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Aug 14, 2013 07:39 PM

Solo v. Bravo

Which has better pizza? Toppings, cheese, crust?

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  1. can't compare the two. Bravo is more of a standard pizza shop - you won't be disappointed, but you also won't be wowed. Solo does inidividual specialty pies,

    1. Different styles of pizza- Italian restaurant vs. NYC slice. They're both great for what they do, but what they isn't really the same thing.

      1. Solo's pies are personal size, and made to order - so at the very least you will get a fresh pie. When Bravo's pizza is fresh out of the oven (the 1st time around vs. freshly reheated), I find it to be some of the best in the city (all varieties). However, when Bravo serves up a reheated slice, it can be quite vile. The countermen (at least the ones in the Lower Manhattan branch) play it close to the vest and often mislead customers as to which pies are fresh - so be careful.

        1. I agree with the fresh comment, having had both Solo and Bravo fresh, I much prefer Bravo. That being said Solo is indeed a different type of pie style, but Bravo vs any other "regular" pizza, when it comes to fresh, is in my mind, not even close.