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Aug 14, 2013 05:08 PM

Cook It Raw Event in Charleston, SC in October

This Cook It Raw's first time holding an event open to the public. The ticket price is not cheap, but the line-up of chefs, both from the local area and around the world, is pretty jaw-dropping. I'm guessing the tickets will sell out quickly.

More info here:

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  1. 40+ "participants" for a bbq event...and only 1 of that number is an actual bbq guy? That's a shame.

    With chefs coming from Canada, Mexico, Spain, Asia, Australia, Britain, and all across the US you would think they could have incorporated a few other barbecue professionals.

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    1. re: JayL

      Yeah, I think "BBQ" is being used rather loosely in this context, and of course Rodney Scott is the pit master of the moment in foodie circles (deservedly so, though I still favor McCabe's 'cue over Scott's by a narrow margin).

      Though I'm sure Sean Brock would not consider himself a pit master, he does a pretty mean job with his smoker at Husk and also competes with The Fatback Collective (which includes Scott and Sam Jones) at Memphis in May.

      But yeah, I wouldn't go to this event expecting too much BBQ in the traditional sense of the word. I look at it more as an opportunity to sample the work of more world-class chefs than I would probably ever do otherwise. Plus, Rodney Scott's 'cue and Bowen Island's atmosphere and oysters (which I can't eat because I'm allergic). Should be an interesting event.

    2. I'll be there! It will probably be my only opportunity to try the cuisine of Albert Adria, Ben Shewry, and others.

      1. I'll look hard at this event.Maybe we can convince them that fried hard crabs IS a BBQ genre, and Jon and I can watch Jay crank up his turkey fryer to do crabs!

        I can see both sides of the argument.Scotts traditional que served along with varieties of local fish and wild game sounds like a slice of heaven to me.

        1. Sounds so fun. I'd absolutely shell out the $100 p/p to go. Bet it will be a blast to see all the different international interpretations of 'que with local Lowcountry ingredients.

          So wonderful to see my amazing hometown garner more and more recognition as a world-class food town this last decade or so...