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Aug 14, 2013 04:46 PM

CH challenge: good chicken chow mein in Vancouver?

So here's the deal: my niece is picky. We take her to Long's and order the CCM, the thick fish soup, and some yiao tao or crazy bread, in the 5 yo vernacular . We nab a couple other Shanghainese dishes for us oldsters. All is well. But then I wonder, is there anywhere else where we could do the same ie. order the CCM for her and some other more interesting dishes for us? Or should we stick to Long's, where we can doctor the noodles with Sandy's wicked housemade house sauce and fill up on other goodies? It might be nice to switch it up occasionally, given that we have to remember to reserve at Long's...

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  1. I don't think I've had Long's CCM. Can you describe which kind of CCM does your niece likes?

    The one that is more westernize with soft noodles, shreds of chicken and bean sprouts or the more traditional kind with crispy egg noodle base with a chicken and gravy top?

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      The one at Long's has a combo of crispy and softer (but not really squidgy) noodles with shreds of chicken, and bean sprouts in a thickish sauce on top. So a bit of a hybrid, which isn't a surprise I suppose. It is actually quite tasty if a tad greasy.

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        I double check the menu at Long's and in Chinese it just reads as Chicken Thread Chow Mein (No "Balls" this time LR ;D).

        From what I can remember as a Kitchen Kid and what my mom has told me, the Chow Mein has already been blanched. When they get an order they either griddle or shallow fry the chow mein, while they prepare the topping in another wok.

        So I think you can go any Cantonese restaurant and just request the noodle not be as crunchy. Although I would lean more to places like Congee Noodle House/King.

        OR maybe turn your niece into a CCM expert and tell her it's a contest like American Idol or the Voice and she has to decide which is better.

        1. re: moyenchow

          We will prolly just go to a decent Canto restaurant and request it. Long's appears to be closed right now, possibly for holidays. There is a voice mail message but it is only in Chinese : -(

          1. re: grayelf

            Checked the msg: they are closed from Aug 7-17th. Business as usual on Aug 18th

      2. re: moyenchow

        OMG, I just had a flashback of The Varsity Grill (RIP) on W. 10th, whose CCM comprised of yellow noodle "bits", julienned deli chicken slices, bean sprouts, green onions, and some mystery sauce. I digress.

        Cantonese restos make better chicken chow mein, you would often find it on the menu listed as "chicken balls .....yada yada chow mein" (chunks of chicken meat is translated as "chicken balls" in Cantonese). Ask for extra crispy noodles and bit less sauce.

      3. Our family goes to Koon Bo when there are young ones in the crowd. CCM is quite tasty, if memory serves correctly. We usually order the Canto stuff, but I think there are other options on the menu.

        1. The chow mein at Lin's is pretty decent, lots of "topping", although we didn't try the chicken version specifically.

          In the past I've also liked the chow mein at the Golden Great Wall (recently renamed Shanghai Lu - haven't been since the name change but it doesn't look like anything else has changed) although I actually prefer the "gravy" that comes with the vegetarian version rather than the chicken.