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Aug 14, 2013 04:35 PM

Chicken expiration?

Hi I bought some Perdue chicken (leg quarters) on Saturday, the sell by date is 8/19, doesn't that seem like too long of a time?

I want to wait to cook them until tomorrow but not sure I should wait that long even if the exp date is 8/19


Thanks :)

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  1. Take them out of the package and smell them hard. If they smell ok, brine them lightly and cook them thoroughly tomorrow. I'm assuming they have been kept very cold since purchase.

    1. Assuming you've stored them properly they should be fine until the 19th and a couple days beyond.

        1. Like everyone said, your nose can give you some hints and your fingers too. If the chicken feels overly slimy, then it is a no for me.

          If the expiration date is 8/19, then you should be perfectly fine.

          1. As you typed above, that's the SELL BY date, not the "You'll die if you keep it longer than" date. You may want to loosen the plastic wrap so some air can circulate, but you have another week to safely cook and eat it, assuming it's not stinky and slimy. Even then, if you rinsed it and thoroughly cooked it, you would not be unsafe. By the way, refrigerating raw chicken uncovered for 12-24 hours dries the skin somewhat, which makes it crisper when roasted or baked.