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Aug 14, 2013 04:21 PM

Seared Foie Gras and non-foodie friends...

ok I have a problem organizing a dinner in Paris in October. my dining companions who are not really foodies have expressed an interest in having dinner in "a cozy parisian place where they can get huge chunks of meat for dinner under 35 euros per person". This presumably excluded drinks. last time they apparently went to Le plomb du cantal and loooved it, but now want to try somewhere else. I would have been happy to go there, as they do seem to have seared foie gras.

This is because what I hope to get out of this dinner for myself is a meal mainly (or at the least partially!!) comprised of a HUGE piece of seared foie gras (or maybe a double order of their seared foie gras dish) of great quality. I dont care how much my own dinner would cost, as long as they can get something within their budget and I get my seared foie gras fix.

any suggestions? I dont care about location. and yes: dinner, not lunch, for 35 euros

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  1. There are so many places to go for great sauteed foie gras. As I look back just over the past 6 months, and review my lunches, I realize you have an abundance of choices.
    So as opposed to the multiple-choices my friend P. would offer you, I'll put out just one - Le Severo - because it has not only foie gras but great other meats for the "non-foodie friends...... where they can get huge chunks of meat."

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    1. re: John Talbott

      that is an excellent choice John, I first feared it would not fit within the 35 euro budget for dinner, but more digging suggests it could be done. Thank you!

      I still hope Parnessian (thats the P, right?) would indeed offer his multiple choices though! I can this way suggest a number of options to them and have them pick one they think they will enjoy most. The illusion of a being in control does wonders for

    2. (do I hear my multiple-choice bells being rung?)

      The foie gras part is easy. The 35 € budget is sorta easy. But putting all that together with large slabs of meat has me stumped.

      Au Petit Sud Ouest on the ave Bourdonnais in the 7th near the Champs de Mars and the Domaine de Lintillac on the rue Rousselet off the rue Sèvres in the 7th are both affordable, both foie-gras specialists but, like many restaurants that specialize in southwestern cuisine, both feature duck, cassoulet, daube, etc rather than slabs of meat. They might have one steak choice but nobody goes to either restaurant for a good steak.

      You might be able to squeak by under the 35 to 40 € mark with an excellent 2-course steak, lamb or pork meal at La Ferrandaise on the rue Vaugirard in the 6th but I don't recall seeing any whole or half foie de gras on the "carte"... but since the menu changes monthly that doesn't mean that it will not be on offer when you go... you or your hotel concierge can also ring to see if they can do a special order just for you.

      Another sneak-by (maybe), Le Vin Sobre on the rue Feuillantines @ rue Saint-Jacob in the 5th. Great place for carnivores and has placed in Figaro's top 10 for steak frites... and usually foie gras on the menu but you might have to ask for it to be "poêlé"/ seared (not sure how it's done à la maison) ... service can be a little sloooowwww... sorta cutesy place.

      And speaking of cutesy and ultra-reasonable, le Petit Pascal on the rue Pascal off the bd Port-Royal in the 13th might fit the bill... foie gras is sometimes but not always on the menu so you'd have to check when you make the rezzie ... if not, maybe a special request... large portions for your friends.

      Le Severo in the 14th would certainly be a great choice if your friends' budgets were higher. Can you bully them to go up towards 50 € ? Or more?

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      1. re: Parnassien

        see! I was right to be confused! Places with a guarantee of having a great piece of foie gras, are either too expensive or not big on other cuts of meat other than duck. I think le Vin Sobre looks great though.

        what indeed if I managed to get a green light up to say 50 (it wont be more)?

        1. re: shekamoo

          Le Severo's better slabs of beef run in the mid-30s. Add in starters, dessert, coffee and you're quickly heading towards 60+ €. Just two courses and no coffee might get you nearer 50 €.

      2. Chez l'Ami Jean has the nec plus ultra orgasmi seared foie gras. It has a menu of 42 euro, which, in Paris, is really not expensive, and, considering the value you get out of ClJ, is a weep-worthy bargain.
        Even if you yourself are willing to pay extra, it is difficult to find a restaurant that will have such a cheap menu and also offer truly high-quality dishes with non-budget ingredients alongside.
        Lastly, bravo to you and to Parn.
        You are a saint to dine with your Neandertal friends.
        and Parn is a saint to try to work this out for you.

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        1. re: Parigi

          L'Ami Jean's 42 € formule is just for lunch, no ? But the seared foie gras is indeed orgasmique. Maybe shekamoo can sneak off to the rue Malar for some private self-gratification without the néandertals.

          1. re: Parnassien

            "L'Ami Jean's 42 € formule is just for lunch, no ?"
            I don't know. I thought there was a 35 euro lunch menu. And the 42 and 55 euro menus were available for dinner. But since JT, rightly, calls you the resto GPS, you must be right. :)
            Indeed in the past few years I have only gone to lunch there. The dinner yelling gets a little intense. The lunch yelling is quite handlable.

          2. re: Parigi

            That seared foie gras is a must at our lunch in October, even if it's over and above the multi-course orgasmic feast M Jego makes for us. Just sayin'........:)

            1. re: parisjo

              Last time we were there, as usual I didn't know what we were getting as part of the "let the chef take care of us" deal. But since our dining partner in crime DCM mentioned that he'd go for the deal but regretted missing the Orgasmic Seared Foie Gras, I asked Jégo, who happened to be yelling into my ear, if he could "plaire à notre copain", and presto, OSFG showed up on our plates.
              That time I think we paid 55 euro for the multi-course, right? I don't remember. How can you put a price on multiple orgasms ?

              1. re: Parigi

                Do remember to get that deal Parigi MUST be in attendance, sayeth the lesbian :>).
                And indeed the finest hot foie ever.

          3. Thank you, I do like CAJ but I was also under the impression that it would be too chaotic and loud for a friday dinner with my DCs who I fear will feel intimidated by the whole spectacle.

            what if I move them away from slabs of meat towards a dinner where they would feel they are receiving great value for their 35 bucks? this means they will still receive a lot of food, and I will get my poele...