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Aug 14, 2013 03:05 PM

Outdoor (not sidewalk) dining in Brooklyn

The weather is so great today -- where can we eat outdoors? Don't want sidewalk tables because we don't enjoy the exhaust fumes and street noise. But we need good food.

I tried a search but got back nothing recent.

Have a car; ready for any Bklyn nabe.


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  1. Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens

    1. Frankie's 457
      457 Court Street
      (718) 403-0033

      1. We like all of the following.

        Surfish in the Slope has a nice garden and very tasty and sophisticated peruvian food.
        I havent been since Sandy, it may have affected things, but the Good Fork in Redhook has a nice garden space also and a very interesting and good brunch menu.
        On a totally different note, we like the scene and still the square pizza at L&B Spumoni Garden - admittedly its on the street but set back, very relaxing very Brooklyn
        Baku Palace, Azerbaijani, on Emmons Ave, has outdoor dining facing Sheepshead Bay. Pretty much everything is good, from the grilled lamb ribs or sturgeon kebabs, to wonderful fried potatoes and mushrooms, to the "greek" salad to the soups, eggplant.dishes and kutabs, green and meat. The Cherry Hill grocery store, next door in the old Lundy's building is pretty wonderful too.
        If you get down that far, Liman's, turkish on the same strip facing the water has reopened.

        1. I don't always agree with their reviews, but the Immaculate Infatuation blog guys have an iPad book out that lists their favorite patio/backyard spots (and separates them out from sidewalk dining). Most of them are in Brooklyn. Lots of photos, too.

          1. Lots of good suggestions here. For a casual meal I'll add the back patio of the Fairway supermarket in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It's just outside their deli section so you can get a take out sandwich and eat at a table with spectacular views of the harbor.

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              then head over to Steves for a taste of key lime pie - and a glass of their limeade, one of the best deals in Brooklyn (this could follow on a visit to the Good Fork, too.