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Red Robin

I've heard some decent things about Red Robin and it's coming to our local mall. When I read the menu something about it reminded me of a Friendly's only with alcohol. The Bleu cheese burger with onion rings looked pretty tasty.

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  1. They aren’t the worst burger out there and are probably a step up for most people over the fast food chains. The burgers themselves are ok at best. Not a lot of flavor in the patty, which is what I think a burger should be about. If you do go, skip the steak house fries that they push. They are big fat airy things that taste like they went straight from the freezer to the fryer. I recall having a garlic skinny fry option that was much better.

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      They aren't bad if you stick with the basic burger. I agree that the fries are definitely not worth the calories but then I prefer skinny fries so maybe it's just me. My kids used to like the shakes.

    2. I haven't eaten there but maybe twice in the last 4 years or so but I liked the one where we used to live. I always got the chicken burgers which I guess they now call "sandwiches". The chicken teriyaki burger and the California chicken burger were my favorites. The steak fries are good if they are hot and well cooked. I personally don't like the garlic ones as they are greasy from the garlic sauce stuff they drizzle over them. The onion rings are pretty good too.

      1. They're not bad. We have one close to us and go a couple of times a year. Cold beer is always good. When you order a burger they ask, "some pink or no pink". Some pink is medium to med-well. Fries are OK. You can get as much as you want, I've never felt the need to get more fries however.

        1. One plus is that all those variations are available as turkey burgers & veggie burgers, too. I have a vegetarian friend who loves to go there to get a big, sloppy, tricked-out burger.

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            That's good to know as my husband doesn't eat meat.

          2. I like them. There's a location not far from where I take classes for work and its got enough variety tha a group of us always ends up going there. I enjoy the bacon cheeseburger. I've got to admit, though, they go up a notch for me since they wrap the burgers in paper- keeps it nice and neat!

            1. If you have the time to sit down for burgers etc. they are fine. We had a guy at work who would go and have their "pound of fries" every day for lunch, guess he's still alive.

              1. I like them, but I rarely order a beef burger at a restaurant. I order a chicken burger at RR. I think the fries are fine, not greasy, from frozen of course. They just serve too much food! Like most chains, they serve humongous proportions.

                They also have good (huge) salads and very expensive and tasty mixed drinks. Happy hour pricing is fair. I typically sit in the bar at pub food type chains like this, avoid all the kids and the staff clapping and singing happy birthday to customers :)

                1. I usually order chicken when we go and it is ok. I would say the whole concept is a step up from Friendly's. Caveat emptor: quality varies WIDELY by location. There is one in practically each town near where we live. You have to drive 30 min for the best one. If I am driving 30 min jut to eat it won't be for RR. Some folks find it pricy for what you get. I agree, skip the fries but also skip the carrots. They are supposed to be steamed but come out rock hard and are those "baby" carrots which I refuse to buy anyway. Although a huge salt bomb (everything there pretty much is) I like the clam chowder as a side alternative.

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                    Good to know the chowder is decent. My daughter's favorite soup.

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                      Red Robins secret chowder: Campbells canned clam chowder, use additional canned clams, use 1/2 & 1/2 instead of milk. No kidding.

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                        Not surprised and it is no wonder I like it. Must be nostalgia, although I think we always ate progresso chowder as a kid.

                    2. I've never lived by one until recently. I'll give it a go eventually because I feel like the only person in the world that hasn't eaten there.

                      1. Red Robin is MUCH better than Friendly's, IMO. Burgers are decent, as are their chicken sandwiches and fish & chips. If you like fries, theirs are fine and bottomless (they also offer bottomless sweet potato fries for a small upcharge). We ordered an onion ring tower once, and the rings were good, although that plus burgers and fries was WAYYYYYYYYYYY too much food.

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                          I like their burgers. I just get the basic cheeseburger and think it's one of the better burgers at this type of restuarant. (I'm looking at you, TGI Fridays!) They also used to have a good fried fish sandwich. I haven't had it in a while, so not sure they still offer it. Their mixed cocktails are ridiculously sweet.

                        2. I like Red Robin well enough, but then again there's actually a lot of chains that I like, or at least don't mind. I realize I may be in the minority with that opinion around these parts. I almost always get their crispy chicken burger, and the chicken is always juicy and the condiments are always fresh. The fries are fine, definitely nothing special though, but steak fries aren't my favorite variety to begin with. I think they could definitely up their game by improving on those.

                          1. Our first visit was ok. Being a new location they have a bunch of kinks to iron out, orders didn't come out together, orders came out wrong, and like one other poster commented the drinks were incredible sweet (we ordered a margarita) it was so bad we had to send it back. The fries were ok, but our second helping never appeared. My burger was really well done, it was ordered med. Didn't send it back as I was just getting frustrated. I ordered the burger with blue cheese, and onion frizzles which was a good combo in flavor. My husband ordered a veggie burger and they brought him a real burger! Good thing he looked at it before he bit it. The management was very helpful, had they not been we would not return. Will give it another go once things settle down.

                            1. i used to love them but i think the quality has gone down, or i've just gotten used to better burgers.

                              its not bad, but for the price you can do a lot better.

                              make sure to get a rewards card, you get a free burger during the month of your birthday. that's the only time i end up eating there.

                              1. I've been there a few times with groups when everybody wanted to go. It's just kind of OK to me. But then, I find their burgers to big and too "over the top" with add-ons; I prefer a slender burger to what the late Marion Cunningham referred to as "those gourmet beef sandwiches they are calling hamburgers."

                                I do have to say, though, that their method of serving onion rings (stacked on a wire "pyramid" holder) is ingenious; they don't get steamed and soggy that way.