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Aug 14, 2013 01:59 PM

Worst meal cooked in recent memory.

I think most of us here consider ourselves very good home cooks. But occasionally something goes wrong, sometimes horribly wrong. My worst meal in recent memory was a halibut that I intended to bbq but then it stormed so I decided to bake it with some garlic paste on top. I wayyyy overcooked it, it was like dry rubber, terrible, and the garlic paste went weird, bitter, yuck. On the side was mushy minty peas. I had bought some peas from the farmers market, got them home and shelled them to find them old and dry, thought that they would make great mushy peas, I guess not. Maybe if I had soaked them first, the mushy peas were starchy, didn't mush up right, no matter how long I steamed them and added butter and water. Horrible. Only saving grace on this meal was some nice crisp roasted potatoes. I threw most of mine away, the SO ate his out of hunger.

Fess up.....what is your worst???

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  1. It was a beautiful night out, so I made grilled shrimp, baby bok choy and corn on the cob to eat out on our terrace that has a a view of the Hudson River/NYC. Perfect weather, amazing view and the meal looked great (see picture)... but it tasted horrible! The shrimp had that disgusting iodine taste you sometimes get, the corn was mealy and tasteless and the bok choy was bland. I was so disappointed. The shrimp and the corn were beyond my control (they were both bad to begin with, but still, I picked them out and felt responsible), but the bok choy was all me; I totally underseasoned it.

    The gin & tonics were good though! :)

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      My worst meal in a while was also related to a metallic fish taste. The plan for dinner was seared tuna and scallops except that SO decided at the last minute that we should get more scallops. My usual stores are about 20 minutes away so I made a quick run to the Safeway and happened to spot ginormous sea scallops. Well, as I sat down to dinner and took my first bite of the scallops I was mortified and stunned by this awful metallic taste which nearly induced immediate vomiting. For some reason, I tried again and then SO tried and we both sat there revolted. I quickly grabbed the plates, discarded the scallops, replated the tuna and picked up new utensils and all was well with the rest of the meal but those few bites were quite awful. I now only buy scallops at my usual stores as I know that they are dry scallops and not bloated wet scallops full of phosphate.

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        I, too, bought the shrimp at a place I usually would not buy them. Lesson learned for both of us!

    2. Just last night my normally delicious go to salmon recipe ended up turning into salmon jerky. I lost track of time watching the Angels play and there was no rescuing it.

      Luckily my twice baked mashed potatoes were superb as was the corn on the cob so all was not lost.

      1. It was a dish I could probably make in my sleep: fried rice. I was doing the dreaded combo of drinking beer, chatting, and cooking. A way too huge glug of soy sauce accidentally went in and then I did all sorts of things to try to balance it out, but I just did not have more rice, which would have been the proper cure. So, the salty and sour pile of crap hit the garbage.

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          I don't know..I find fried rice extremely hard to cook. The result is always so with scrambled eggs.

        2. Three cooks seasoning French onion soup was our disaster.

          Wife and I, just married, moved home with my parents to find jobs, apartment, etc. Brought east a fabulous FOS recipe and wanted to cook a nice dinner to show our appreciation for taking us in.

          Spent two days making a great beef stock and Demi-glace prepping for our dinner.

          Hand peeled and sliced 7lbs of onions, sweated them, carmelized them, deglazed them, added in wine and stock then seasoned with black pepper to simmer and reduce....

          and my wife seasoned with black pepper

          and then my father, who deplored bland food added his own share of fresh black pepper.

          Our highly touted dinner was completely inedible but we enjoyed the wine and made grilled cheese with the leftover slices of a baguette covered with gruyere while laughing about how many cooks it took to season one soup.

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            A true life example of " too many cooks spoil the soup!"

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              The Japanese version of "too many cooks spoil the broth" is an expression which translates as "too many captains and the ship will attempt to climb a mountain."

          2. My stir fry. It's so gross.Runny and tastes like chalk.I'll leave it to the pros.