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Aug 14, 2013 12:55 PM

Baby-friendly North End spot for late-lunch/early-dinner


My wife, our 9 week old daughter, and I are planning on taking the commuter rail into town this week for a late-lunch/early-dinner, hopefully in the North End. We have taken the baby out multiple times with great success,mainly to a few tried and true places in Cambridge and Somerville, and always during the early to late afternoon. She almost always sleeps peacefully through the entire meal, so we know this can work if we match up with the right place and time it right.

Price is not a prime concern, but we'd like to avoid anywhere that isn't casual, and where having a baby might present a problem for the establishment or impact other diners. I think we'd be happy with a good red sauce Italian dinner in a spot that is slightly less cozy and intimate than the typical North End establishment (a little noisy is a plus, as it tends to help the baby sleep). Any ideas would be welcome.Thanks.

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  1. L'Osteria is family friendly and good. Enough bustle to keep your infant somnolent, hopefully.

    1. I had a really nice first meal at Quattro in the former Express space. I was a big Express fan, but I'll be back to Quattro to try some of the sandwiches and pastas.

      1. Pretty much anywhere is baby friendly at that time of day, particularly as it sounds like your daughter is in a good phase to eat out and you manage it thoughtfully. We have even taken an infant to Neptune in the 3-4p timeframe, with no issues at all (though you do have to get one of the few tables they have).

        If you want red sauce L'Osteria is an excellent recommendation. Massimino's is also reliable in that category.

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          Thanks, everyone, for the feedback and the suggestions.

        2. Are you coming in on the Fitchburg line? Check the commuter rail website. They have some weekend closings coming up for construction . I think it's September but I can't completely recall so best to check.

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            Actually it's the Lowell line, and we're planning on coming in during a week day. I'll check for service updates though. Thanks.