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Aug 14, 2013 10:24 AM

Dalton Mass

Hi, I'm planning a reunion in Dalton Massachusetts where some friends and I have rented a country home for a week. Have been reading the local boards and there is a lot of info. We tend to stay and cook on sight but would love some recommendations for;
1. Where to buy great local produce, fish etc. including bakeries.
2. Great outdoor lunches.
3. Suggestions for the 1 or 2 dinners we eat out. Seafood is always preferred but any "not to miss" restaurants would be appreciated.
4. Breakfast locations for our last morning.
All of us appreciate fine food but we are probably not interested in higher priced venues for this trip.
Thanks in advance Chowhounders!

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  1. I can't say enough good things about the Farmer's Market at the Berkshire Mall in Lanesboro, which is right next door to Dalton. Wednesday and Saturday mornings - although Saturday has more vendors. Multiple vendors selling fabulous baked goods, tons of produce, eggs, meat, cheese etc. plus incredible flowers and plants and the prices are reasonable, unlike many markets in the eastern part of the state. There is also a Saturday Market in Pittsfield with very limited produce and stuff for the home kitchen but a lively event with crafts and more of a food festival atmosphere.

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      Sounds perfect as we are arriving Saturday AM and will need to stock up for the week. Thanks

    2. Cafe reva in Pittsfield is a great local breakfast place.
      Best place to buy fish to cook is at Guido's on the Lenox Pittsfield line. I like Elizabeth's for dinner as well as Nudel in Lenox.

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        Growing up my family spent summers in Pittsfield when Friendlys was the preferred outing. I look forward to trying your recommendations.

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          I went to one of the camps in the area in the sixties and we always went to Friendly's for a fribble. Now look for Soco creamery ice cream. It is made in Great Barrington and is great.

          1. re: magiesmom

            Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely check it out. Though I don't know if anything can compete with my memories of "Awful Awfuls". Awful big, awful good!

            1. re: Scarlet347

              They were awful good, weren't they?

              I went out last night to Elizabet's in Pittsfield and the Food was really extraordinary and very reasonable

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                Well, you can still get an "Awful Awful" but you will have to head to Newport Creamery in RI.

                Agree with Cafe Reva for breakfast, and Guido's for fish. Berkshire Mountain Bakery is great for breads, it's in Housatonic, a bit of a drive from Dalton but they often sell at various farmer's markets as well.

                The only seafood-centric place that comes to mind is Salmon Run in Lee, and while it is acceptable it's not comparable to places on the coast. For casual food (they do have an outdoor deck) I would recommend Old Forge in Lanesboro especially if anyone is into craft beer.

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                  Has anyone tried Brava or Firefly in Lenox? We thought to try Nudels but have been turned off because of what we have heard about the unfriendliness of the management. Really, they have gotten some bad press. I would be interested in hearing any other opinions.

                  1. re: Scarlet347

                    I have had only very welcoming experiences at Nudel in five visits.

                    1. re: magiesmom

                      Tried to have dinner at Nudels but by the time we got there (at5:20 pm) the tables were full. Ended up at Zinc Bistro which was fine. Solid preparations of some classics. Very nice ambiance. Had breakfast on our last day on Dalton at Reva's which was just as everyone described. Very good. Thank you all for the suggestions.

                    2. re: Scarlet347

                      Not sure what you mean about unfriendly management at Nudel. Have been there several times without an unfriendly moment and the food is quite good. It's a limited menu and a small space but that's pretty clear ahead of time. Where is this bad press coming from?

                      We are fans of Brava. Have only been there on slower nights, but very friendly service, interesting wines and beers, and food while not spectacular is very good and just different enough from the usual stuff to be worth checking out. Firefly, haven't been yet somehow.

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                        Glad to hear that about Nudels. I really wanted to try it out. I believe the bad press came from Yelp.

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                          FYI, we decided to have a late lunch at Zucchini, in Pittsfield, and were pleased to discover decent wood fired pizza. Dough was thin enough but still a tad chewy with the characteristic smokiness. Cheese was fine, though nothing special that I could discern. Service was very friendly. Cocktails were generous. Very nice experience.