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Aug 14, 2013 09:36 AM

Hudson NY September 2013

I am heading up to Hudson NY for a weekend late September. I have never been to this town before and it seems to have allot of interesting restaurants. Can someone give me some recommendations. I am considering Crimson Sparrow and Fish & Game.

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  1. Will you have a car? Some of the best restaurants in the area will require a short drive. I recommend the Greens at Copake Country Club, Swiss Hutte in Hilllsdale, and Mercato in Red Hook.

    In Hudson I prefer Swoon and Ca Mea. Crimson Sparrow is worth it if you haven't been there before (the menu is limited) but what I've read about Fish and Game is disappointing, mostly due to high prices for small portions.

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      We will have a car. Approximately how far away are the restaurants you recommend?

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        Copake is about 15 minutes, Hillsdale about 20, and Red Hook about 25. Try Google directions for specifics.

    2. Crimson Sparrow is amazing

      1. crimson sparrow's now doing tasting menus (5 courses, i think?) for $50. we had one which i thought was 4 courses for $45 and it was filling.

        1. Go to Fish & Game. If you don't you'll kick yourself.

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            timwhoeatsalot, tell me more . . .

            Not much on this Board.

            The Yelp perspective:


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              fidires - GO. really good stuff. went last week with a friend of mine, he was blown away. the pacing is still a bit spotty of drinks/meals together, and the dessert didn't match the quality of the rest of the meal, but the food is very good.

              friend's comment on a tofu dish: i've never had tofu that tasted good, much less THIS good. ours were tofu, duck, pork, a dessert, and i'm drawing a blank on the others (a seafood). they also had cooked a chicken when we walked in (NOT in our menu) so i'm guessing that was either for bar customers or as a substitution on the menu. i remember several of the dishes incorporating asian flavors (sriracha on top of an omelet, the pork? dish seeming like it was a star from fatty crab) which makes sense.

              i think the menu changes weekly, so exact experiences won't be of much help.

              you can see some of the menus on their website. i think we had 6 or 7 dishes + 1 dessert dish. some people were disappointed at the pricing; i'd say the same courses in nyc would go for $125? i haven't eaten out in the city in a while, so i may be wrong. small dishes, but you'll walk out full.

              i liked crimson sparrow a lot as well.

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                thanks, bob gaj. You were spot on.

                SO went recently. I'll post a report.

          2. Interesting article in New York Times recently on NYC chefs moving to Hudson Valley restaurants. Mentions both Crimson Sparrow and Fish and Game.