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Aug 14, 2013 09:33 AM

Alternate sources for La Boulange / La Boulangerie brioche buns, either size

They make an excellent mini and large bun brioche. Very good little bun, that also freezes quite well. Not cheap but very good quality.

They used to distribute to TJs and Whole Foods. They are no longer available at TJs and WF availability has been very spotty lately. They make the perfect mortadella and butter sandwich which is a highly desireable sandwich in the world of chowpups. These were a good replacement for RIP Thea's Bakery.

It looks like they were acquired by Starbucks but still have a retail business intact.

Alternate locations to buy? Alternate sources for similar?

I am sure none of us want a poor little chowpup to eat inferior brioche.

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  1. 1. Nag the closest 10 Starbuck's to see if they can carry the buns. 2. Contact La Boulange in Northern California to see if they can provide any insight into their changes of distribution and/or availability. 3. Talk to your local WF as well. I'm not saying any of these will work, but provider's should take your needs seriously. I've also noted the spotty availability of their brioche buns at my local WF, but I'm not obsessing about their lack.....yet. Good luck.