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Aug 14, 2013 09:15 AM

Gilead Cafe Menu Change

Don't know how long ago it happened but was VERY disappointed on visiting this past Sunday for brunch. Was all psyched up for the smoked whitefish on Red Fife pancake or cheesy scrambled eggs. Decided to order "The Scotty" billed as sausage, eggs and fries, it came to my table with herbed and over salted actual french fries (I thought they meant home fries) some sausages made slimy by placing them under the fried eggs and the eggs topped by a really rich tomato sauce, I'm guessing house made ketchup. Really terrible. My wife's hash wasn't to her liking either. All great, high quality ingredients, but tasted like a bunch of things piled up on a plate, rather than a carefully created dish.

Won't be going back soon. It's really too bad, they were on my favourites list too.

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