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My yogurt expired a while ago

Muller Greek yogurt with a corner of nuts. The best by date is May 13. It looks good, smells good, tastes good. I just ate it. Delicious. Should I have any concerns?

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  1. Nah, I wouldn't be concerned.

    1. If it was bad, you'd have noticed.

      1. I have 2 containers of fage yogurt in my fridge that have an expiration in 2009. I'm keeping them to see what eventually will happen if anything. Maybe I should open one and test it. Since yogurt is milk that's already gone bad, what is yogurt that's gone bad?

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          Um, I still feel okay. But I wouldn't eat some yogurt 4 years old! I'd open one to see what it looks inside. I bet either green or drying out. I'm sure the moisture finds a way out eventually.

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              An opened container of heavy cream forgotten in my fridge turned into perfectly-edible cream cheese, much to my surprise.

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                I love that scientific happy accident!

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                  that is amazing!..too bad heels of bread dont turn into bagels

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              Gosh, 2009. That's four years ago. You'd better have a grater ready when you open the containers.

            3. None. I have eaten (unopened yogurt) over a year past its best by date, and noticed no change in taste or texture.

                1. The best buy date is a marketing thing, as Andrew Zimern says, "If it smells good ,eat it".

                  1. Wondering if that "best by" date applies to AFTER it's opened?? Realize the small containers are snack-sized... one and done... GONE right after opening. Remember finding a container of UNOPENED ricotta... SEVERAL months past the date, and it was perfectly fine.

                    1. I spent a night on my bathroom floor a few years back due to a month old yoplait (aka pre greek yogurt craze). Soooooo i eat within a week of the sell by date. But i also shop often and would have noticed a lingering yogurt before two months went by.

                      1. Doesn't yogurt usually mold before it actually spoils?

                          1. I just opened a single-serving container with a best before of July 9 and it had gone moldy but a second one from the same package was fine.

                            And for what it's worth, I've been told that our food bank will accept yogurt for 90 days past its best before.

                            1. Learning a lot of new things on this site ! Always pitched after Exp. date. Will try first. Notice things that have vinegar in them, last well past date. Something that usually say "Best By".

                              1. I just opened a 32 oz. container of Price Rite Vanilla yogurt with an expiration date of May 2013. Today is March 14, 2014. I knew that it had been in the refrigerator forever and was ready to toss it. When I opened the lid I did not see any discoloration under the plastic seal. I opened it, smelled it, spooned it to check the texture, and then tasted it. It was fine. I was pleasantly surprised. I did not have any cramps the next day. The next day I had another generous portion after dinner. Tomorrow I intend on purchasing some fruit and making smoothies.

                                1. When I buy yogurt, it goes to the back of my fridge and stays there. I don't even like it until it's at least 2 to 3 months past the so called "expiration date"...and sometimes longer.
                                  In 40 years, it has never made me sick.