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Anyone tried or seen the "Cotton Candy" grapes in L.A.?

I don't know if these http://www.melissas.com/Products/Prod... would be interesting or just awful? But I'd enjoy trying them at least once to find out.

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  1. At least it appears to be a "natural" (cultivate) flavor rather than the (somewhat delicious) abomination that is the Grapple.

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      Breeding always tells, at least with plants...

    2. It surprisingly tasted very much like cotton candy. Not being sarcastic... it tasted more like cotton candy than a grape. Someone I work with got them at the Gelson's in Calabasas.

      I guess it's worth saying that it's not my favorite grape. I don't mind some acidity.

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        Thanks for posting about trying them out. Maybe I'll go over to my local Gelson's and see if they have them.

        I just had some large green seedless grapes I bought at Ralph's (not this variety) and they were so very, very sweet. Was this variety even sweeter than normal? Or is it just the cotton candy taste that makes them unusual?

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          Very sweet and the cotton candy taste compounds that. I guess I may have had concords that were sweeter. Definitely look for it. It's quite intriguing.

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            I think Sprouts is your best bet as they're $2.99 a pound. Among the sweetest green grapes I've eaten, but it's not like it clearly surpasses the best regular grapes ever,

        2. They used to be available at Sprouts, but I didn't see them last year.

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            I bought them today at a Sprouts in San Diego. Gotta say, I just tasted "sweet," but not cotton candy. However, I haven't had cotton candy in decades, so maybe I just forgot that taste.

          2. I haven't tried them, but my friend is a fan too. She got them at the Gelson's in Century City.

            1. No, but I did see [at Gelson's] grapes they called "Witch's Fingers".

              Each grape was finger shaped. About 1.2 to 2 inches long, about 1/4 to 3/8 across.

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                  Yes, I have. Gelson's has them out to try before you buy.

                  I actually stopped a few minutes ago to buy some for a friend. They are $5.99 a pound!!!

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                    I'll need to stomp a few and make a little cotton candy wine to justify the price! ;-D>

              1. Urban Radish in the Arts District has them.

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                  Was just reading about Urban Radish - how is that place? How to prices compare to, say, Whole Foods?

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                    My Dommy might be able to answer that question better since I haven't stepped into a Whole Paycheck in a long time. I find Urban Radish reasonable for the quality and they are incredibly nice people.

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                      The prices are in line with whole foods... but I wouldn't go in expecting a whole foods experience. They are much smaller and focus more on the grocery part rather than the prepared food part (Although they have some prepared items). Think of it as a larger version of Cookbook. They probably won't have everything on your list... but what they do have will inspire you for a meal you probably hadn't even thought of!

                      We live in the USC area and a quick trip to whole foods is not an option (Although we are very happy with the eggs and South LA Grown produce we get at the CSU stand at Mercado La Paloma), so we are THRILLED to have Urban Raddish as an option and that they are open relatively late 10p.

                      They are still in soft opening phase, so we have encountered a few snafus. But as P. mentioned below, the folks are very nice and very eager for feedback... This Saturday is their grand opening and they'll be sampling items and putting their best face forward... if you are in the area, I highly suggest popping in...


                  2. http://www.splendidtable.org/story/co...

                    Cotton candy-flavored grapes coming soon to a store near yo

                    1. Last week, I saw Cotton Candy Grapes at Sprouts for $2.99 per pound.

                      I didn't buy any though -- I bought the regular seedless green grapes for 68 Cents per pound.

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                        I saw them today at Sprouts (Westwood). I tried a couple and to me they did taste distinctly of cotton candy. I'm not sure if I really liked them since I don't like cotton candy that much, but they're certainly novel.

                      2. cotton candy tastes mostly like sugar, so these i guess taste somethign like cotton candy. they are very, very sweet, but they do have a grape flavor -- thompson, not concord. liked them more than i thought i would.

                        1. They're available at Gelson's right now