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Aug 14, 2013 06:53 AM

Kosher Madrid

Posted a few weeks back but no responses. Will have a one-day lay over in Madrid in September en route to Israel . Any suggestions in re eats?

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  1. There is food in Madrid, though it's not a kosher foodie destination. Just google it.

    Seeing Madrid, though, lucky you. Just watch for major upcoming Catholic holidays like Assumption Day, when the Prada closes.

    1. My cousin did this same layover a couple of months ago, but brought food with her so she could spend time seeing the sites. She went to 2 museums, walked around a lot, and had her lunch in a park. She stopped in a department store which had a large food court and bought some fruit and chocolate at the end of the day (she does speak spanish, and had a copy of a kosher list that she found online). She took the metro to and from the airport. She spoke very highly of the experience, but frankly, the food was not the focus.

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          Sadly we didn't make it up to Madrid on our Spain trip this summer. No kosher food to speak of where we were (Valencia, Granada, Costa del Sol). And unfortunately, the Gibraltar fleishig place was closed for the bank holiday weekend so didn't even get to go there!

        2. The kosher restaurant is small, but attractively appointed. Table clothes, wine, Certainly nice enough to bring colleagues.

          Serves a mix of locals, tourists, and business travelers who feel comfortable bringing groups of non-Jewish colleagues. It is open lunch and dinner, Sunday through Friday lunch. Spanish-style hours: 2-4:30 and 8:30 to 11pm. You can pick up a cooked meal to take out for Friday night.

          The food is good, Moroccan-ish. They serve Moroccon-style cooked vegetable salads and/or pastilla (bite-sized meat turnovers in filo dough) as appetizers. Mains are choice of lamb, beef or chicken with couscous, And the same meats grilled or skewered, in addition to grilling sausage, beef liver, sometimes grilling other organ meats when available. Sausages were very good, but I think the type they make/serve varies. There are sometimes cooked vegetables served with the couscous, sometimes not. Some things not on the menu may be available, other things on the printed menu may not be. Me, I'm grateful to have a lovely restaurant with pretty good food in Madrid.

          The thing to understand is that this is a small restaurant, and the offerings can vary from day to day and according to how many business travellers are in Madrid. The food is good. the lamb especially (this is Spain, after all). You Won't be embarrassed by meeting a colleague here. But the menu is simple.

          There is also the small carneceria Elias. Very reliably has wide range of frozen meaat, fresh meat available, including cold meat that can be sliced for sandwiches. Small array of cheeses, hummus, tinned fish, wine, groceries mostly French brands.

          Delicious fresh bread daily sold at nearby bakery.
          community webpage keeps a good, up-to-date listing of the places I've mentioned.

          1. Pan de pais. Reminder to myself for next time that this is wonderful bread variety sold in the kosher Bakery. Some of the others are fresh, but just so-so.