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Kosher Madrid

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Posted a few weeks back but no responses. Will have a one-day lay over in Madrid in September en route to Israel . Any suggestions in re eats?

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  1. There is food in Madrid, though it's not a kosher foodie destination. Just google it.

    Seeing Madrid, though, lucky you. Just watch for major upcoming Catholic holidays like Assumption Day, when the Prada closes.

    1. My cousin did this same layover a couple of months ago, but brought food with her so she could spend time seeing the sites. She went to 2 museums, walked around a lot, and had her lunch in a park. She stopped in a department store which had a large food court and bought some fruit and chocolate at the end of the day (she does speak spanish, and had a copy of a kosher list that she found online). She took the metro to and from the airport. She spoke very highly of the experience, but frankly, the food was not the focus.