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Aug 14, 2013 06:51 AM

U.S. Postal Service Alcohol Delivery Idea Criticized By Merchants

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  1. I don't understand why merchants would resist an additional option to FedEx and UPS for shipping. Go with the best deal.

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    1. re: Veggo

      In my experience, it's the small, corner store-type retailers -- i.e.: NOT the ones who have websites, attracting potential customers from across the U.S.; rather, the ones who *only* sell over-the-counter -- that fear any sort of shipping whatsoever. They're concerned that no one will come to their store, that everyone will sit at home and buy their Budweiser, their Kendall-Jackson, or their Jack Daniels via the internet.

      That said, and leaving the issue of competence aside,I'm with you: what difference does it make if it's UPS/FedEx delivering my wine, or the USPS?!?!?!

      And the article itself ("Oh, the beer run . . . ") is complete and utter BS -- the "beer run" is because the party is either running out of beer, or there's a party about the happen, or . . . NONE of which will be eliminated by receiving a delivery from the United States Postal Service! This is akin to the oft-cited concerns of 16-year olds being able to order beer off the internet . . . no 16-year old does that UNLESS they are a decoy of law enforcement!

    2. Hey, my postman will come to know that I love wines, like my UPS lady, and my Fed-X guy. Soon, I will be a mystery to no one!


      1. Time for USPS to make some money, go for it!

        1. Yes, USPS needs the business but I am glad to be a *retired*
          mail carrier. Those cases are HEAVY! I hope customers will keep their pathways and stairs free of ice and snow so the carrier and booze don't tumble before they get to the door. And keep the extra effort in mind at holiday tipping time.

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          1. re: greygarious

            Better than those boxes of books I used to deliver.

          2. Another view- from the article: "Even if the law is changed to allow delivery of alcohol, state laws might prohibit brewers from selling directly to the consumer".

            USPS is trying to get into a market that is under attack all over the country. Only shippers large enough to be able to afford the requirements of individual states (permits, tax collection, etc.) may be able to play in this league going forward. If states can now get FedEx and UPS to rat out 'illegal' shippers (and I know they can), I'd think the USPS would be an even better source of info for the states. JMHO.