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Aug 14, 2013 06:38 AM

How to get Yellow Colored Fried Rice??

I ate fried rice and it was yellow in color. So, do they put yellow food coloring in the water when cooking the rice? Or do they add yellow food coloring when cooking it in the wok with the other ingredients?
It was so evenly colored. It was not saffron, turmeric or curry flavored. Thanks for helping me out. :) :) :)

Change of subject, I've heard Egg Shade Yellow Food coloring is used in Egg Drop Soup to color it.

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  1. Why couldn't it be turmeric? It's hardly perceptible in small quantities (although it puts out a lot of color).

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      I always thought it was turmeric. My local Chinese takeout restaurant has yellow rice and I think somewhere on Chow before someone mentioned it was turmeric.

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        I was going to say annatto too. It is often used in rice dishes to give that yellow color (though typically latin dishes - think arroz con pollo). The seed is often infused into oil and the oil is used rather than the actual seed.

        1. re: thimes

          And it's far less costly than saffron.

      2. Where did you ate the rice? That ought to help.
        Doesn't take much saffron to color rice and you'd not likely taste it.

        1. My guess is you had rice cooked in water seasoned with annatto. There are seasoning packets for rice available in Latin American markets that combine MSG and annatto to produce that familiar arroz amarillo color.

          1. Most lower end restaurants use yellow food coloring. Especially Mexican. Just add as it's cooking. Lots cheaper than real spices.