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Aug 14, 2013 06:14 AM

summer dinner party - suggestions?

Planning a seated dinner for twelve, tentative plan...

I like a 3-5-3 balance to a meal, so...

stuffed mushrooms w/sausage and breadcrumbs
deviled eggs
home made pimento cheese on crackers

buttermilk brined fried chicken
potato salad
corn on the cob with lime and cayenne butter (ears snapped in half for easier handling)
platter of sliced heirloom tomatoes w/salt, pepper, oil and a drizzle of vinegar
green beans sauteed with garlic and scallions, room temperature

chocolate cherry chili fudge
tiny lemon curd tartlets

Served with vinho verde, beer, iced tea and some limoncello with dessert

wondering about a peach tart or crisp instead of lemon, maybe a white sangria with summer stone fruit...

I'm trying for something that can mostly be done ahead so I can concentrate on the chicken (fried about 90 minutes ahead, finished in a low oven).

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  1. wow, what a nice menu. Lots of yummy stuff. My only comment, is that the appys seem labor intensive, Even though you can do them ahead, it might be easier on you to go with maybe an antipasto tray that you can buy all the nibbles and just arrange them. Otherwise, if you are up for all that cooking and prep, I wouldn't change a thing!!!

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      This is my first dinner party since I retired, and I adore having parties. I love to cook and have not had a chance, so I'm busting out with this one!

      I can do a ton of this ahead of time - the pimento cheese, the mushrooms all but broiling, lemon curd and tart shells, fudge, cookies, all can be done ahead. Prepping green beans, peeling potatoes, boiling and peeling the eggs, brining the chicken - all this can be done on Friday. The most labor intensive thing will be the chicken, actually.

    2. That sounds perfect! What time should I arrive :)

      1. I personally would prefer the peach crisp but if I were a guest at that party I don't think I would have anything to complain about.

        1. I think it sounds perfect! Especially the starters!!!!

          1. Where did you say you live? I'll be there in a heart beat. Don't change a thing!

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            1. re: Berheenia

              What Berheenia said. B. and I can carpool to your place.

              1. re: pinehurst

                Pick me upon the way, will you?

                Perfect party food, Sheila, do not change a thing :)