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Aug 14, 2013 05:15 AM

Looking for breakfast, south of Tanglewood (Lenox, MA) area

I'm going back up to Tanglewood this weekend and I'd like to get breakfast on the Sunday I return to Long Island.

I'm looking for a good, sit-down breakfast. I don't have a sweet tooth, so pastries or muffins don't interest me--or French toast/waffles/pancakes, for that matter. That basically leaves the various egg-based breakfasts: omelets, scrambles, frittatas, and the like (except, I must say, hollandaise-sauce based things).

I'm not looking for a brunch place: I need a place that's open by around 8, which pretty much rules out brunch places. Plus, I'm not looking for the lunch-side items on a brunch menu.

My route home will Rt 22 for most of the length, but I can slide down in MA for a while before going over. Last time I went up I ended up at Mom's in South Egremont, which was good enough and I'll go back if I can't find anything else, but I'd like to find a more creative menu. Has anything new opened in Great Barrington the past year?

For this visit, I was considering Cafe Reva in Pittsfield, but that'll mean going out of my way (i.e., up north when my travel home is south), so I'd like something at least comparable. IOW, I'm not looking to go further north or east. Will be doing Another Fork in the Road in Milan on the way up, else I might have gone back for Sunday. I wish the Red Lion had more along the way of egg dishes, but with things like the "Zehr Farm Shiitake Mushroom Hash & Poached Eggs" it's still on the "for your consideration" list.

I don't want to go too far south before stopping for breakfast, maybe the MA line, but that's not a line in the sand.

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  1. Try Roses on Housatonic St., Route 20, in Lee just before the Mass. Pike. I think it hits all your points. Or if you are in a hurry, Otto's on Main (Rte 20 too) in Lee is another option.

    1. We had a great breakfast at Haven Bakery and Cafe in Lenox. Delicious french omelets, perfectly done. Highly recommended.

      1. Rose's for basic omelets, toast, homefries, Haven if you want higher end fare. Never had a bad meal at Rose's; ate once at Haven and had a $15.00 omelet French rolled omelet. Good? Yes. 15 dollars good? Not to me. But by all means, worth a try as a treat.

          1. Well, we were up there on the 18th, and almost as much by a roll of the dice as anything else, had breakfast at Haven Bakery (the GB location).

            *Very* disappointing. I don't know if what we had were aberrations, but the "French Rolled Omelets" were anything but. This is what one should look like:
            and here's one being made by culinary god Jacques Pepin:
            What we received was more like a flourless crepe: millimeters thick, wrapped around the filling. Perhaps because it was so thin it was overcooked and rubbery.

            I debated saying something at the time, but decided there was no point; I didn't think it would result in us getting properly cooked omelets.

            I emailed them several days ago (politely, I think), explaining the issue, but haven't received a response. I thought I should contact them before posting anything, but if they're not going to respond at all... well, here we are.

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              I've found the GB location (so far) to be far inferior to Lenox. Menu much less interesting, lame atmosphere, somewhat odd service. Have always liked the Lenox location and if it weren't for the name wouldn't think they were related at all. Hopefully it's just due to being new, but just wasn't right and in GB would recommend Bizalion's instead.