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Aug 14, 2013 01:28 AM

Restaurants in Lagos, Ferragudo and Albufeira town centres


My boyfriend and I are visiting the above places in September (a few days in each place). The posts on restaurants in these areas have been great (I particularly enjoy Monchique's tit bits) but the recommended restaurants are usually a bit further out of the town centres.

Where do you suggest we can go for a simple, local dinner/lunch without the hefty taxi bill?

Restaurants with a good fish and vegetable menu would be great as I don't eat other meat (much to my boyfriend's annoyance).

Thanks in advance and I promise to post feedback when we return.


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  1. You would be pushed to find a restaurant in the Algarve that does not serve fish and vegetables, so no need to argue with your other half... I would particularly recommand:
    In Ferragudo: O Sueste, at the end of the fisherman's quay. Fantastic fresh fish.
    In Lagos: No Patio or Vista alegre (a small French bistro).
    In Albufeira, there is nothing worth mentioning in town but there are so many bars and restaurants of all type and culture that you won't starve!

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      Oh Monchique I knew you wouldn't disappoint.
      Many thanks.

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        p.s. your Albufeira thoughts made me laugh.