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Aug 13, 2013 11:46 PM

best meal ever

We had the mosr incredible meal at la reserve at the king david hotel in jerusalem. We did the tasting menu which until the end of august is olive oil based. Besides the food being incredible, we were treated well with an olive oil primer, delicious bread, three kinds of salt and petit four. The tasting was 13 mini meals as well as a bonus 14th which was a fruit and vegetable salad with mint granita. Each dish consisted of opposites like cold and hot, crunchy, non crunchy. Started with a golden quail egg toffee and truffle pieces. Delish. Favorite item was tomato leather filled with seafood saladwith a tomato gelee, eggplant oil, a mini tomato and tomato granules which were cold. All the food was presented beautifully like at fancy upscale restaurants in us. The chef met us before and after the meal and asked before if there were any allergies. The totsl cost with a bottle of wine and tip was $225 total. Well worth it. Will add photos soon

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  1. Was that per person or the entire bill? If it was the entire bill, how many people were you?

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      Total for 2. It was 380 shekel a person including vat which is waived if you are a guest at the hotel and for the first two hours we had our own private waiter.We were totally full by the 11th course. More info about the menu is at king david hotel website. We found we got more in each dish than described and everything was beautifully plated. Photos will be posted later.

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        Just curious, if you know, how much did they take off for VAT? Current conversion of shekel to dollar gives 380 shekel equaling 106 dollars. Doubled would make it $212, which is only $13 shy of the $225 total you gave, which you said included a bottle of wine and tip. Seems like a bottle of wine and a tip would bring it up way past $225 (especially at such a place), but I guess if VAT is really high and taken off the top, maybe that explains the difference.

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            It was an estimate. Hubby says it was around 950 to 1000 shekel

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              Ah, that makes more sense ($265-$280) . . . but not quite as reasonable as was first implied. I guess I might look into it the next time we're in Yerushalayim, but we've had such nice meals at places that cost far less, I'm not sure it's in the cards for us.

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                Will give exact cost when we get credit card bill. We did tip extra due to excellent service

      2. Could not agree more. This has always been one of great places that go under the radar.

        1. Not to hijack your thread but if you are still in Israel go to the tasting menu at Roberg at Moshav Livnim up north on the kinneret. Was the best meal I've ever had but I've never been to la reserve. Will have to go there next time I'm in Israel- thanks for the tip!

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          1. re: Pluckyduk8

            I also highly recommend Roberg. I've been there about 10 times, mostly ordering the tasting menu. It's reasonably priced and I've never been disappointed.

            1. re: lawmann

              Agree on Roberg. Best meal I have ever had.

          2. photo 1 is Golden Quail Egg-yolk Toffee, Truffle. When you bit into it, the yolk spilled out.
            photo 2 is Chicken Sandwich
            photo 3 is Bone-marrow, Porcini, Lentils
            photo 4 is Tomato Leather filled with Mediterranean Sea Fish Tartare, Smoked Eggplant Oil, Tomato Gelée
            photo 5 Galilee Trout Smoked with Cypress Branches
            photo 6 Seared Black Cod, Whipped Fennel
            photo 7 Beetroot Flan, Salty Meringue
            photo 8 Organic Chicken Poached in Olive & Truffle Oil, Grated Goose Liver
            photo 9 Lamb Tongue, Black Garlic Cream
            photo 10 Char-grilled Veal Milk-fed Sirloin Confit, Parsley Purée
            photo 11 Herb Granita
            photo 12 surprise course fruit and vegetable salad
            photo 13 deconstructed cake Pink Lady, Burnt Sugar & Olive Oil Sablé
            photo 14 Chocolate, Olive Oil Candies (we discovered it was 10:30pm)
            photo 15 pate fruit, olive oil cakelet, chocolate candy filled with olive oil

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