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Best food trucks in Indy & Healthy Breakfast

  • Dapuma Aug 13, 2013 11:11 PM
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I have all the dinners lined up for the trip to Indy, however I just found out that all the food trucks in town will be hanging near the convention center so I believe I will have a choice if anything for lunch

Is there something not to be missed or does anyone do any good Vietnam food (I get out to Cali a fair amount and we have pretty good Vietnamese in AZ so if it isn't stellar ill pass)

Also are there any good healthy options for something with high protein and lower carbs for the morning near the convention center - even a good protein / juice place would work if they have a nutrition list and can add extra protein - thanks

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  1. Sorry I just now saw this. Were you here for GenCon or do you still need recommendations? There are some great Vietnamese restaurants a few miles north of downtown, around 38th and Lafayette Rd.