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Aug 13, 2013 09:07 PM

Triple Sec Blind taste-off, Round 2: DeKuyper vs. Citronge vs. Gran Gala


1 Bright… very harsh but not unpleasant burning… Orange up front is eclipsed by the middle burn… A very bold orange liqueur

2 Hmmm… just nice yummy-luscious orange… if anything the liqueur almost seems "tame" after 1, but it has the depth and complexity of orange that 1 lacks… I'm thinking maybe a blend of the two might be very worth a try (see post-tasting notes).

3 Richer, almost syrupy… but doesn't bring more orange flavor to the table than the elegant # 2. Lacks the burn of 1 but has more orange than 1… perhaps somewhere between 1 and 2 with a more syrupy texture.

Overall: It's really hard not to give it to 2, for elegance yet depth of flavor…

Post-tasting experiment: combinations

1 and 2: Definitely softens the burn of 1 and dials up the orange notes, but overall not as "orangey" as 2…. Tasted vs. 2 straight I prefer 2 straight….

1, 2, & 3 in combo…better than 1 & 2 in combo… but 2 still my preference…

Could try 2 and 3… why not… now that's not bad… But again, when I sip 2 alongside this, there's a particular orange note that I find with 2 straight that gets lost in these combos… wonder if it might get lost in a marg too?? Perhaps that argues for a higher ratio of this stuff in any margarita…

Bottom line, 2 is my triple-sec baby, until something more impressive comes along:

Revealing the labels:

1: Patron Citronge
2: De Kuyper O3 Premium
3: Gran Gala

Great news is that all 3 of these are good candidates in a superior margarita for my palate, but if you can massage the ratios and bring out the full qualities of 2, you really have a drink to brag about.

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  1. I believe it was here that I read that Patron Citronage is the same as the Mexican liqueur Controy, which explains why it works so well in a margarita. I've found Citronage's one and only good use in margaritas. For all other uses I go to Cointreau or Gran Gala (as a Grand Marnier sub).

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    1. re: rcb4d

      I actually used up a bottle of Citronge in my wife's third favorite drink [a Cosmo] with little complaint from her and her friends. :)

      1. re: hawkeyeui93

        To take this further off-topic, another great "upgrade" to a Cosmo is to sub cranberry liqueur (I like Leopold Bros) for the cranberry juice.

        1. re: rcb4d

          Thanks .... and I am sure my wife and her cohort will thank you for the recommendation.