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Aug 13, 2013 08:56 PM

Lionfish in Miami

For those wanting to try eating the invasive lionfish. Fish Fish in North Miami just got some today. It's $21 per lb fried or grilled with 2 sides to eat in the restaurant. At the market to go it is $14/lb.

For those that don't know, lionfish is an invasive eating machine, with no natural predators on this side of the world. I never went looking for lionfish, but knew of the threat they possessed. Then 2 weeks ago I went to Key West, and the girl I was with wanted to eat lionfish. I couldn't find one restaurant in Key West that had lionfish. I found 3-4 restaurants in Key Largo, but they didn't have any, and while back in Miami, we couldn't find anyplace until today. Now that its lobster season, it should be easier to find. Please help with developing a market for the lionfish. If you know anyone knows any other place that sells lionfish can you please post it.

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  1. Two big events coming up... Lionfish Derbies.

    Sailfish Marina, Palm Beach Sat Aug 17

    Pennekamp Key Largo, Sat Sept 14

    At the weigh-ins they have cooking and free samples, so if you've never had, a chance to check out.

    My niece in Key Largo says Snappers often has it, and The Fish House does almost always (retail and restaurant


    One of the title sponsors is 15 St Fisheries in FtL, so they might have.

    I bet you could get plenty of info at these events on where it is available.

    Or contact:

    REEF Headquarters | P.O. Box 246 | 98300 Overseas Hwy | Key Largo, FL 33037 | USA

    Phone: 305-852-0030 | Fax: 305-852-0301 | email: