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Aug 13, 2013 07:46 PM

Forgotten in the freezer - pleasant surprises

So often I put a portion of something in the fridge, then a few days later decide I'd better freeze it before it spoils. By this time the container is cold so the label tape won't stick. Into the freezer it goes. I assure myself I'll know what it is. But disappointments abound; e.g. the presumed curried squash soup was plain pureed squash.

A few days ago, though, I thawed a one-serving container of what I thought was fruit compote. Nope, it was....drumroll.... peach cobbler!!!

Have you had unsuspected good fortune with a UFO (unidentified frozen object)?

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  1. A while ago, I found a short log of my favorite cookie dough: America's Test Kitchen's classic chocolate chip cookies with brown butter. Had completely forgotten about it and I baked it immediately. I seriously need to make and freeze a big batch of this stuff since the recipe is kind of a long process but it yields the most heavenly cookies.

    1. Freezer crap shoot. I Have those frozen pastries that go in the toaster.. unmarked, could it be, cream cheese ? blueberry ? , raspberry ? No, it was Boston crème pie ! My favorite !

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        Found an odd unmarked bag of tan and green goo. I defrosted it and lo and behold! Black eyed pea, kale, ham hocks. I am about to do a freezer purge, so i am so glad this popped up. I am terrible about labeling. I always think oh, i will know this is veggie stock, etc

      2. I have had a few small fortunes. Most of the time the frozen items can no longer be used (or I preferred not to use). However, I have in the past find items which I can cook like frozen rice cakes, and they can be a blessing because I didn't have to go out to shop, and just stay home to cook.

        My greatest finds, however, are not the food themselves. In the past, when I cleaned up my freezers during moves (like at the end of my college years, end of my graduate school year....etc), I have had found frozen foods which I can so old that I can no longer use. However, they bring back a lot of memories, like "Oh I bought this on this trip in SF Chinatown." "Oh I bought this next to the gas station barbecue joint" My greatest finds are the memories from these frozen foods.

        P.S.: I suppose it is the same kind of experience people going through their attics.

        1. Sometimes I feel like I'm chiseling out something from a glacier! I'm often have pretty good finds and am pleasantly in awe that it survived over the eons and tasted great. As for labels, forgetaboutit, I prefer the element of surprise plus I'm not that anal!

          1. I've had more nasty than pleasant surprises but a good one recently was a mysterious bag of brownish, greenish stuff that turned out to be roasted poblanos from a festival I had attended. I made a sort of inside out rellenos out of them - delicious.