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My new secret vice...Domino's Pizza

I know, I know. I've posted here for years and followed many CH tips for great unique cuisine...so I am prepared for flack.

I have not had Domino's for 15 years (they apparently revamped their traditional pizza in 2010) and randomly had their pizza about six weeks ago. I like the crust (garlicky), spicy sauce, and the toppings are generous. You also can't beat the price: $7.99 for a large takeout pizza with three toppings; numerous other deals. I've since ordered their pizza three times.

Pizza places that I frequent in Boston include Regina's (usual go to place - outstanding) and Emma's (great toppings). I've had Upper Crust a few times, but am not a fan.

To be clear, I am not saying that Domino's pies are the same as Regina's. What I am saying is that their pies, IMHO, are surprisingly good and now a part of my takeout pizza rotation.

Fire away...

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  1. I'm not going to flame you at all. I was stuck in a hotel room for like two months about a year ago, and Domino's was one of the things I ate frequently. It surprised me because several years earlier they gave away free small pizzas as a promotion, and I tossed mine in the trash after one bite.

    At this point Domino's would be my first choice among chain pizzas. It was pretty darned good.

    1. Enjoy what you eat and eat what you enjoy.

      Everything else is just bullshit.

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        "Enjoy what you eat and eat what you enjoy.

        Everything else is just bullshit."

        Amen. You should have t-shirts made with this. I'd buy one.

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          "Enjoy what you eat and eat what you enjoy. Everything else is just bullshit."

          Wise words indeed.
          If only beer nerds understood that concept.

        2. If I need pizza delivered I will call Domino's now. Hadn't had it in years (it was a staple in college) but I do like their new "artisan" pan pizza, especially with the thick cut sausage. It's not as good as a couple of local mom and pop places here, but it is a lot cheaper, has longer hours and it delivers.

          1. Domino's came in handy when the kids were growing up. Birthday parties, sleepovers etc. The kids all liked it and you couldn't beat the price. Large 1 topping - $4.99. But I never cared for the sweetish type crust and the toppings were few and far between(hey, what do you expect for that price:-). Guess I'll have to give them another try.

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              I only use it for when I want delivery pizza and I have to admit the little "pizza tracker" they have online that shows when you pizza goes to the oven, leaves the store, etc., is pretty entertaining. That and 2 medium pan pizzas with 2 toppings for $7.99 each doesn't suck too bad when you have several mouths to feed. I have not tried their sandwiches, pasta bowls or specialty pizzas. I have tried the stuffed cheesy bread. I mean, you can't really go wrong with melted cheese in hot buttery garlic bread....

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                Darn, we're too far away for delivery. That little tracker does sound like fun.

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                  It is kind of fun. They tell you the name of the cook, and the name of the driver and show it moving along the line. Also a blank spot where you can "send a note of encouragement to the people working on your pizza"
                  Silly, I know. But gives people something to do while they wait for pizza!

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                      It's great if I have a friend with kids over. They are kept busy in the living room with eyes glued to the pizza finder, shouting out when it advances to the next stage, while the adults get to have some quiet wine in the kitchen.

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                        This actually adds a whole new dimension to ordering 10 large pies to your friends house as a prank. lol

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                          There is also a place to write in special instructions for the driver. I assume instructions such as the color of the house or some such. I've heard (but not done this) some people have asked for drawings, etc, done on their pizza box.

                          and some examples

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                            Hahahahahaha, thanks a lot firegoat, looks like I'm going to be ordering Domino's in the near future now! (I'm such a child) I actually think I'm going to order one and have it sent home to my son. lol

            2. I won't bash you I will just say this about Domino's.....in my opinion and taste I really don't even consider it "true pizza". It's more like an Italian bread......I'm not a fan of the fluffy crust type pizza. I'm also not a huge fan of super thin crust either.....for me a "good pizza" isn't paper thin....and when you go to fold it over to pick it up to eat, the bottom crust "cracks".

              Will I eat Domino's, yes....mostly when my kids are in the mood. Would I ever order Domino's when I have a hunger for pizza, no. To me it's just not a true pizza. Not bad, not good, just my opinion.

              1. Domino's is the only place for delivery pizza at certain hours of the night here and it's really not that bad and as you point out quite inexpensive.

                1. Certainly NOT my experience. After avoiding them for some 10-15 years, about two years ago, I found myself essentially isolated at a remote motel where due to a heavy rainstorm, I walked across the street to a Domino's rather than search out a decent meal. In a word - nasty. It'll be another at least another 10-15 years+, regardless of the price.

                  1. I grew up in Ohio, where most places sell the super-thin cracker-crust that Domino's offers as a crust option; now that I'm in Boston, I enjoy Regina's and Pinky's, but every once in awhile I secretly enjoy a thin-crust Domino's pizza.

                    1. If given the choice, for a chain, I would choose Dominos over Pizza Hut any day. Dominos has a much better sauce in my opinion.
                      I wonder if they changed their recipe, as I too swore off Domino's (& Pizza Hut)10 years ago and only recently tried it again. Pizza Hut is just as bad as ever, no change.

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                        Domino's did change their recipe a few years ago, and made a big splash with their "we're really sorry we've sucked so bad" ad campaign. The thing is that they really did take steps to not suck so bad, and now they're at the top of the chain pizza heap, at least as far as I and a lot of other people are concerned. It's one of the few instances of corporate America actually listening to their customers and making changes as a result. As this thread shows, they have a long history of suckage to overcome, but for those of us who gave them a second chance, they earned it.

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                          Glad to hear that. The campaign missed me.

                      2. You know what? I recently visited a friend in Chicago who ordered Domino's delivery for dinner. After mercilessly mocking him for getting Domino's in Chicago of all places, I had to retract my statements when the pizza arrived. Nicely blistered crust, salty cheese and crisp pepperoni that was just greasy enough. It's in the same puffy-crust style as Papa John's but about about 2x better. It tasted even better reheated in the toaster oven the next day. A very respectable attempt by a formerly despised chain.

                        1. This thread caught my eye as I had one over the weekend. Broken foot is my excuse, I wanted food to come to me. And I'm not really a pizza snob, I hit the Hut now and again.
                          It was one of the most miserable pizzas I've had in a long time. I went with America's Feast or something like that on Brooklyn Style crust. Pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. The thing was really dry. Toppings were sparse as was cheese. The only thing that salvaged the meal was that I had a lot of beer on hand.
                          I'm guessing the pizza you get has a lot to do with the individual location. But for me, never again.
                          Thanks for the reminder that those leftovers need to hit the dumpster today!

                          1. I have to admit I ordered Domino's pizza delivery last night. (one artisan pan and one super thin with white sauce). However, I did put in the online order request for an alien to be drawn on my box, just to see if they were in on the joke here at the local store in the middle of Kansas. Indeed they were! Nick my delivery guy personally drew the alien inside the box. Quite a nice job, altho he apologized as he said he was rushed. He did say they enjoyed getting those kind of requests and liked to have fun with it.

                            1. We ordered from Dominos recently, since we were stuck at home waiting for someone who never showed up, and where my parents live, if you want food delivered, your options are basically Dominos and shitty Chinese Food.

                              I was pretty impressed with both the sheer quantity of toppings and how overall good the pizza seemed to be. I actually think if I was ordering from them again, I might ask for easy on the cheese, because there was so much. And that's not something I've ever even contemplated before -- I love cheesy pizza.

                              In Toronto, I've tended to order from Pizza Pizza when I want cheap pizza I can order on the internet and have brought to me quickly (I have local options if I want great pizza and am willing to both pay and wait for quality) but I think I might swing over to ordering from Dominos. They're just as fast, just as cheap, and quite a bit more generous with the toppings. Plus, the pizza tracker amuses me far more than it probably should.

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                                But you didn't have them draw anything on the box?!?!?!

                                You know what I think would be a great idea, to create like a video blog where someone taste tests different products and gives a video review of their experience!!!!! Maybe come up with a catchy name like SuperEater! That's what Chow needs!!!

                                1. re: jrvedivici

                                  That's crazy talk! I like it. Where might they find someone to do that, I wonder.

                              2. I get slightly depressed when I pass by Domino's in Manhattan.

                                However, in DC, where there wasn't any good pizza when I was in school AND because Domino's offered good deals (and might have been on the meal plan), that happened.

                                I'm not familiar with Boston's pizza scene, but I reckon something's has to be alright and quick up there. Actually, there was one place in Harvard Square where I enjoyed a slice with ricotta and cranberries...not quite Domino's territory, of course.