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Aug 13, 2013 07:06 PM

John Andrews - The Berkshires ( cafe adam & gypsy joynt too...)

So, I haven't been to JA in 5 years. I used to post all the time on CH about it, I used to go quite a bit. I have no reason for staying away so long? I am kicking myself tonight for missing out...

A friend from CA was visiting and he wanted a great meal so I suggested JA. We sat in the bar area ( last time I was there Peter was still bartending ) I was so happy to see my favorite salad was still on the menu: the warm mozzarella/prosciutto. It was absolutely fantastic. For dinner I had the ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms. Delicious. For dessert I ordered the flourless chocolate cake but instead of vanilla home made ice cream I switched to the mint. That mint ice cream was just about the most freshest, lightest, most flavorful thing I have tasted. I cant stop thinking about it.

I know there have been a ton of reviews in the last 5 years good AND bad, but if you haven't been in a while - give it a try.


I recently went to the new Café Adam location. I had been to the old one 2 times and really enjoyed it. The new location is gorgeous. They really did a good job. I sat at the bar and had a specialty cocktail made up of rum and juice and a bunch of ingrediants I didn't know with coconut "foam" on top. TASTY. we had a couple appetizers at the bar and everything was really good. the place is $$$$ but for a special occasion so worth it.


Last but not least The Gypsy Joynt...which I really was hesitant about for a couple years. My sister finally dragged me there last spring. The menu is huge, and I have been there 5 x now and have ordered the same thing every time. It sounds disgusting, but I find myself craving it all the time. Lentil burger with mozzarella, peanut butter, and bacon jam. Holy crap, to die for. Everything is super fresh & home made. I'm not in love with the fact you order at a counter and bus your own table, but the prices are extremely reasonable.


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    1. Hey, Hey, Niccole...
      We have always agreed in posts about John Andrews. I was there a couple of months ago (get lazy about the drive from Lenox). MY favorite salad is available also: fried oyster. I always enjoy every meal there.
      Cafe Adam has become another favorite...I do agree that it is a bit pricey. The food is excellent.
      About Gypsy Joynt...I was there once a couple of years ago, and, having been a young adult in the 60s and very early 70s, I seem to have no patience at all for THE MILLENIALS. I have found in many south county venues a sort of "oh wow, you like ordered that like second glass of wine like twenty minutes ago, and, like if I like remember, I"ll like bring it." I want to say: "take your eyes off the damn mobile device long enough to do your job; you are at work in a service industry." And, I should add that I am usually a 20-25% tipper, but never for service like that. The service at John Andrews and Cafe Adam is really good. HOWever, in many south county places, I have found a total lack of focus. And, I AM aware that I am saying stuff that I swore back in 68, 69 I never would.

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        I know, I CA friend is still in town ( I'm being spoiled ) so we went out for lunch today and we went to the Gypsy Joynt and while ordering at the counter the girl could have cared less we were there and gave no interest at all...when my friend ask what kind of salad dressing they have she just pointed to the list on the wall with rolling IS tasty, atmosphere IS fun....but....

      2. One more thing...MEZZE in Williamstown is absolutely wonderful...If you have not yet tried it, you might want to consider a dinner there.