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Green Street, Garden@Cellar, or Hungry Mother?!!

Howdy, I am coming up to Boston from NYC in Sept for a few nights with my wife for her birthday and considering going to see Session Americana at Lizard Lounge Club in Harvard Square. I have been wanting to hit Hungry Mother for years and have never been, but also have Garden and Green on my list as well. Any thoughts? Also, how long is cab ride from Hungry to HS? Many thanks!

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  1. Of those three, Hungry Mother, no contest, but make your reservation ASAP! Cab ride...2 miles or so...maybe around 10 bucks, including tip? That's a guess.

    You might also consider Craigie on Main, but since you've been eyeing HM for years, um, you should go! Eyes on the prize. =)

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      Definitely Hungry Mother, I agree.

    2. Haven't been to Garden@Cellar, but I would hit Hungry Mother over Green St. Totally different vibes - Hungry Mother is more elegant and special. Green St feels like a cleaner pub, but with a better menu and extra flair.

      Harvard Sq is not far from Hungry Mother, but it will all depend on traffic as it will take you through a busy road. My guess is on a good night, no more than 10-15 minutes via cab.

      1. Welcome, ll, hope you enjoy yourself here. Just fyi, re your years of wanting to hit these spots: the opening chef, Will Gilson, who put Garden in the Cellar on the map, has his own place now ( and somewhat near HM, btw.) Puritan and Co.;CH and other reviews have varied.

        Also, depending upon when you were hearing about Green St., their equivalent to Gillson is John Levin? and he left Green St.quite a few yrs ago.

        Given NYC's embarassment of restnt riches, one of our most unusual and special restnts is Oleana (Turkish and Mediterr.); a short walk from HM too! Hope you might check them out. Their patio is quiet and green and unequalled here IME.Great for special occasions et al.

        1. Another vote for Hungry Mother!

            1. Hungry Mother! Or another for Oleana.

              1. FYI - as a former New Yorker, just want to give you a head's up that you'll need to call a cab from Hungry Mother (or Oleana). Both are in areas where you're unlikely to hail one from the street. I'm sure either restaurant would call a cab for you.

                1. another vote for hungry mother. :) i know a bunch of guys in session americana too -- have a great night!

                  1. Yet another vote for Hungry Mother, but you're likely out of luck for Session Americana if you haven't already bought tickets. They usually sell out their Lizard Lounge shows, and this one appears to be no different.

                    Not sure of your musical tastes, but you might want to check out The Sinclair in Harvard Square. It's my new favorite venue in town.

                    Or legendary folk venue Club Passim, also in Harvard Square. http://www.clubpassim.org/

                    1. You won't go too far wrong in any of these three, and others have weighed in so I'll only add a few notes here and there:

                      -The Chef de Cuisine at Garden@Cellar is a grad of a local culinary school, so expect current ingredients with a respect for old-school preparations. Case in point - I had a gnocchi parisienne there that I liked a lot - perfectly seasoned. That said, since you're coming from out-of-town I might nudge you toward a place that's more "Boston-special," and G@C, at least decor-and-vibe-wise, is pretty run of the mill.

                      I wouldn't have called Green Street a pub "with a better menu," but when Kobuta said this, I was surprised to realize it's not an unfair characterization. They do pay attention to cocktails there, probably the strongest cocktail program of the three - so maybe I'd have said "restaurant with strong cocktail program" instead of "pub with a better menu and more flair."

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                        Ha, the funny thing is I was actually describing more of the feel. I actually don't drink, but I have heard praise from others of their cocktail menu. I just find the place excessively dark and the seating reminiscent of a pub (i.e., I remember hard seats, not too comfortable). I do enjoy their food a lot though.

                      2. Hungry Mother for sure. I've had way too many misses at Green Street to recommend it. If the bar program is still up to the standards I recall it's a decent place for drinks after the show.

                        I like Garden at the Cellar just fine but I don't find it memorable. I don't go out of my way to go there.

                        1. Thanks, all -- I secured a res at Hungry Mother! Any of you been over to Lizard Lounge before? Show is at 9:30, but doors at 8:30. It's a Friday night show and I am trying to figure out how early I need to get to the venue -- right as doors open or can I slink in at 9 instead? Made my reservation at HM for 7 so I ought to be at the show by 8:45 if I cab it over, right? Thx again.

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                            if you want decent seats get there early. if you don't care if you wind up standing, go whenever.

                            cambridge common upstairs has good beers on tap and decent enough cocktails too if you want to kill a few minutes before heading downstairs.

                          2. Go for a pre cocktail at West Bridge, very near Hungry Mother. Or if you're a wine person, Belly.

                            If you don't already have tix, youll want to be at LL right when doors open. they hold a few