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Aug 13, 2013 06:29 PM

Frozen greens in MTL supermarkets?

I'm looking for frozen greens (collards, kale, chard, etc - all but spinach which is easy to find) in regular supermarkets... NOT COSTCO, thanks!!

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  1. I don't know about frozen greens, but you can find fresh ones pretty much all the time at Adonis, Sami Fruits, and whole bunch of other places.

    1. isn't it cheaper to buy them fresh now and freeze them than buying already frozen?

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      1. re: twinkie83

        Not enough freezer real estate unfortunately to plan this way

      2. I've seen quite a bit at Segall on St-Laurent, but what they have varies a lot. Other than that, I've mostly seen them at natural foods shops, including Rachelle-Béry which is practically a chain of small supermarkets. Yes, they are pricy but I've seen these greens on promotion, and Rachelle-Béry has its flyer on its website.

        I don't really buy them this time of year because I live very close to the Jean-Talon market, but they are very practical in the wintertime. I wish they were more widely available.

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          Good tip on RB, I wouldn't have thought to look there!

        2. I've seen quite a variety at Mourelatos.

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              When I'm in Amsterdam, I buy blanched frozen kale all the time there. Kale, while tasty and one of the most nutritious foods, is also very tough, and freezing breaks down the cell walls and makes the kale more tender with less destruction of the nutrients. The bags of 500 g of frozen kale (I presume, without huge stems) look like a good value if one can get them for a reasonable price. Last time I went to Segall I didn't see any.

              Do post a Portuguese (Açores?) Cacoula recipe! Perhaps in Home Cooking?

              I have a tiny freezer too. Don't want to waste space or energy on a large fridge or freezer for (usually) one middle-aged person and one very elderly cat.