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Mushrooms and other pizza suggestions.

Canned mushrooms are rubbery and gross. I hope we can all agree on that. Mushrooms as they are do not have enough flavor to stand up to the strong flavors of a pizza. I always wondered why the hell people even bothered to put them on their pie. Here's what I have started doing. First, my pizza sauce is either thinly sliced garden grown tomatoes or canned diced tomatoes that I have seasoned to my liking. After applying the sauce to my pizza and before the cheese, I add dried portabellas, just as they are without reconstituting them. There is enough moisture from the "sauce" to just get them softened a bit while the pizza bakes. The mushrooms have a "bite" to their texture and the earthy, concentrated flavor actually stands up and asserts itself.

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  1. Why not put the dried shrooms into the canned tomato as you season it? Let them sit for 20 minutes before assembling the pizza, so they get a little softer and add a bit of flavor to the tomatoes.

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      I'll do that next time I actually make a sauce. Real tomatoes are in season right now, so that won't be for a while. I don't want them to really even get soft though. I like the "al dente" texture of the mushroom. So maybe I will only do about five or ten minutes instead of twenty.

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        You'd soak dried shrooms in boiling water for 20 to get them soft enough for further cooking. I don't think 5-10 in a room temperature can of tomatoes will get you anywhere.

    2. If we're talking button mushrooms, then canned is the only way to go.

      And if you think they're "rubbery and gross" then you're buying inferior canned mushrooms.

      1. I use fresh, but have been known to grab a can in a pinch...
        Either way, I sauté the shrooms in a pan with a touch of olive oil till dark brown (garlic optional). THEN I place them on my pizza and bake.

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          This. Thick sliced mushrooms given a nice hot sear before being put on a pizza is the way to go.

        2. When in the mood for a mushroom pizza, I always use sautéed mushies, never raw. Also, sautéed onions and peppers, again never raw. Makes for a less soggy pizza as well.

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            Mushrooms are my favorite pizza topping and I always saute first.

          2. Double baked thin crust. Brush on some really good OO. Sprinkle of sauteed sweet thin sliced onions. Thin sprinkle of asiago cheese. Thin covering of sliced fresh mushrooms. Thin covering of fresh spinach. Sprinkle of grafted provolone cheese. Drizzle of good OO. Bake until the cheese is screaming hot and just turning golden brown.

            1. First of all, I think canned mushrooms have a place in this world. I have used them, sautéed in butter, on pizza. But more typically in stews or soups when the only fresh alternative is the boring button.

              For pizza, I rarely use tomato based sauce or tomatoes at all for that matter. I like thin crust, topped sparingly with some combination of onions, olives, mushrooms, artichoke, arugula, cheese, and anchovy. The mushrooms are most likely to be shitake, briefly sautéed in butter with some fresh thyme stirred in.

              1. I saute up some baby bella mushrooms (crimini) and I use fresh garlic, jalapenos, goat cheese and mozzarella..

                Ba da bing. .

                1. Rare is the mushroom I do not enjoy on a pizza. Along with salami, garlic, ground beef and jalapenos, it is one of my topmost toppings.

                  1. I used to work at a pizza joint that used fresh sliced button mushrooms. But we sliced them really thin on an electric slicer attachment that went on our dough mixer.

                    One thing for certain, you never want to overdo it with the mushrooms because they give off too much moisture and you'll wind up with a soggy pizza. I would usually put them under the cheese, so they could soak up the sauce and oils from the cheese.

                    1. I really like canned mushrooms on pizza, especially with black olives! I like the rubbery texture and that slight marinated tangy flavor that they add to the pizza. Its not so good on thin crust, definitely better on a Greek style pizza.

                      1. Here is something I did that turned out to be one of the best pizzas I have ever put in my mouth:
                        Mushrooms, however you like to do them :)
                        Cubed prosciutto
                        When you pull the pizza out of the oven, I added dabs of red pepper jelly onto the slices of brie during the few minutes I let it rest before slicing it. I cannot express how interesting and amazing this tastes.