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Aug 13, 2013 04:20 PM

Vegan Options - Ronsy/Bloordale/Junction

Hi all -

The SO and I just moved into a new place on the West side (Bloor and Dundas W) and we have dinner plans with a vegan Saturday night. Wondering what places are accommodating on the West side? Not a picky eater... just a vegan.


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  1. The Beet in the Junction has many vegan options. They are more of a casual eatery. They also have a patio.

    1. Not quite in the area that you're asking about, but not too far, is Hogtown Vegan. Here is the link:

      1. Hogtown Vegan and the new incarnation of Fressen, called Grasslands on Queen (more upscale). Love them both.

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          +1 Grasslands.

          I didn't mention it, because it wasn't in the area you asked about, but it's a great choice. Here's the link:

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            +1 on Hogtown Vegan. Their un-chicken and waffles are dynamite, provided you can get past the ironic veneer of their hipster wait staff.

          2. Thanks all!

            I should clarify - we're not looking for an exclusive vegan place. Just a place that does accommodate vegans. We've added a few to the reservation and while open to pretty much anything, some are pretty much the opposite of vegan. Any thai/italian/indian places? We've had success with vegan options at places like these.

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              Buddha Pie at the Junction, serves really good vegan pizzas.
              The following restaurants cater very well to vegan diners, even though the selections maybe limited:
              This End Up
              Curry Twist

              Food-quality wise, I'd still agree with others that Grasslands is best.

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                I don't remember seating at BP. I'd go to Woodlot.

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                Vegan Indian? Really?!

                I would be shocked, shocked, shocked I say, to learn that any Indian resto worth its salt doesn't use ghee to cook, oh, everything, in its repertoire.

                Veg, absolutely; vegan, I imagine very, very rare.

                1. re: biggreenmatt

                  A vegetarian coworker told me about Curry Twist. According to her experience, the owners were very accommodating and served her vegan companion basmati and daal that was very tasty. I recommended this place because when it comes to non-veg places that serve vegan food - attention to detail and willingness to work with dietary restrictions is key.

              3. Ended up at Whipporwill and had a phenomenal dinner. They had quite a few vegetarian dishes that could easily be made vegan, and they even made my friend the flank salad but substituted with fried tofu. She raved about it.

                Highly recommend for anyone with restrictions, or just anyone who wants stellar, local, fresh food.

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                1. re: bringonthelbs

                  Thanks for the 411. Really good to know!

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                    I live a block from the Whip and it's my go-to. I'm veg, but most of my friends aren't, and everyone loves this place.

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                      I'm going to Whipporrwill for brunch this weekend. Soooo excited to finally try it...especially after hearing everyone's raves :)

                      1. re: kwass

                        Well, I had Brunch today @ Whippoorwill, and it was wonderful! I ordered the apple pancakes, and they were like no pancakes I've ever had before. They had a cinnamon-spice flavour baked in, and they were really thick, more like a muffin...kind of cake-like. Hard to describe, but really delish! My only criticism was that, although I can't say for sure, I think the apples that they used in the dish were canned. That aside, it was a great dish.