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Aug 13, 2013 04:14 PM

Veggie near Montrose

hi, my friend from San Francisco is making a visit this weekend. we will be going to some art thing in the museum district. would appreciate any thoughts on a veggie-friendly restaurant in that part of town. we tried La Mexicana last time and it was sadly very mediocre.

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  1. Oh, yes, La Mexicana is muy malo IMHO. Have a look at Hobbit Cafe on Richmond. Good menu, large patio if it's not a furnace out there and cold wine and beer.

    If it's Tex-Mex you still seek there is a healthy place also on Richmond not far from the museums called Maria Selma that is on my short list to check out. While I haven't been there, it has gotten some good press:

    1. Go to Hugo's and ask for the vegetarian menu, they have a separate one. My vegan friend from CA had a great meal there.

      El Real's mushroom enchiladas are delicious too and menu is well-marked for veg options.

      Roost has the famous cauliflower dish too.

      The closest best option might be Canopy.

      1. These are pretty much spot on...Hobbit in particular is a great recommendation. Also Barnaby's on Fairview does a bunch of decent vegetarian options, as does Baba Yega and (of course) Bowl Cafe. Too bad you'll miss the re-opening of Radical Eats Montrose...grand opening is August 22nd; that would have been the perfect place!

        For higher end, you can't beat Hugo's vegetarian menu, IMHO...but Canopy is also a great suggestion.

        For a pick me up, this hard to find but good spot might suit the bill as well:

        You will however, want to steer (!) clear of Underbelly however. And as mentioned, La Mex.

        1. Yes, lots of good recs here. l I was going to mention Radical Eats but didn't realize they haven't yet completed the move.

          I will take exception to Green Seed, i ate at it once when it was just a truck and once since they've opened the brick and mortar place and I don't get all the rave reviews, I haven't had anything very tasty yet and I typically love vegetarian fare as I eat very little red meat myself.

          Also, as posted in response to an earlier thread that may have been by this same poster, many, perhaps most Houston restaurants have vegetarian friendly offerings.

          And since this is for something in the Museum District, if it's for lunch, the OP might check the schedule of trucks at the MFAH. They serve (lunch hours) in the parking lot across the street and you get a discount on Museum admission within a limited time frame. Some of the trucks will have veggie options.