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Aug 13, 2013 03:39 PM

Hamburger Topper. Swiss-American Cheese @ Costco

They don't have this at my usual Costco's, but while at another Costco I was looking for my regular 5lb block of yellow burger cheese slices, and there it was! I have never heard of Swiss-American cheese, but in general I prefer Swiss or Provolone on burgers, but am a recent convert to gooey American cheese. S-A seemed like a great idea, especially at the same price as regular yellow American cheese.

The S-A tastes pretty good, it has a little Swiss cheese "tang", but still has the American cheese texture and mellow flavor. I think I might have found a darn good burger cheese, that goes really well with bacon or Hatch Green Chile.

So, has anyone had experience with S-A cheese, is it common, and does anyone else think it tops a burger well?

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  1. For my burgers, I limit myself to Cheddar, or cheddar cheese, as I find their flavor profiles more in line with my beef patties.