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Aug 13, 2013 01:55 PM

San Juan Bautista - Need area recommendation for large group lunch

Group of about 50 traveling to San Juan Bautista next year and need to do some advance planning. Would appreciate some recommendations for low to mid-range restaurants that would be able to handle a lunch. Thanks!

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  1. Jardines and Dona Esthers come to mind. Both basic Mexican food. Jardines has a full bar and outside seating on a pretty patio. If you don't have to be in San Juan proper look at a restaurant called The Grove located about 20 minutes away towards the Hollister area. I had lunch there today and really enjoyed it. Prices were reasonable and the space was large and beautiful with inside and outside seating. Restaurant is affiliated with a winery so wine tasting is available .

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      I had lunch at the previous incarnation, Cedar House, a year ago.

      The restaurant venue, now the Grove, is huge. And the most memorable part was the outdoor space. Attractive plantings, waterfall and other very nice patio features. I was told it was a popular wedding space.

      What did you order for lunch at The Grove?

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        What did you order for lunch at The Grove? Does it still have a wood-fired oven for baking bread and pizza?

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          i had the shrimp po boy and a cannoli. Both were very good. Yes, they do still have the wood burning oven and they offer a variety of pizzas and baked goods. The inside and outside spaces are beautiful. They serve breakfast on the weekend, coffee and pastries on weekdays. Check out their website for menus and directions. Worth a special trip or a stop by if you are in the area.

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            Ah ha, here's the correct website for the restaurant. Thanks.