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Is there really good dinner food in Santa Rosa?

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Any cuisine, but not really expensive. Even my friends who live there always seen to end up at Cattleman's. Suggestions?

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  1. Without much thought,

    The Spinster Sisters
    Bistro 29

    Your friends need to get out more :)

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      That's what I keep telling them! Thanks!

      1. Second on Sazon and Bistro 29. I also like Willi's Wine Bar. For super casual, Gayles Burgers is good, and kind of a blast from the past. We like El Coqui for Puerto Rican food as well.

        Lived in Sonoma County for more than 30 years, didn't even know there was a Cattlemans!

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          LOL, the Cattleman's in Santa Rosa is tucked away in Montgomery Village, but the one in Petaluma just off of 101 is hard to miss!

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            I guess I just don't look very hard for a Cattlemans! ;)

        2. I'm a fan of Willie Bird Restaurant. Cheesy 70's faux tutor decor...great turkey.

          1. What a shame, there's so much good food in SR. Instead of Cattlemen's, tell 'em to take you to Viola in the same shopping center instead. Here's a dinner report,