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Aug 13, 2013 01:38 PM

Breakfast in Charleston - alternative to Hominy Grill

I think we're going to Hominy Grill to have their shrimp and grits and chicken biscuit. What if it sucks? Where else would you go that's open for breakfast and serves really good shrimp & grits and/or chicken biscuits AND adult beverages?

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  1. We love Hominy Grill, but also enjoy Toast. Haven't had their shrimp & grits, but everything else has been terrific. And yes, plenty of adult beverages.

    1. It won't suck, unless you want caviar and champagne, and hate grits and biscuits.

      Breakfast is Hominy's best. If you think it sucks, try Page's or Boulevard Diner both in Mt P. Boulevard puts cheese in the grits. Not my personal preference but some people like that.

      1. We had a killer brunch at Hall's Chophouse several months ago - did the gospel brunch on Sunday and the experience was terrific The gorgeous lyrics wafting up the stairsteps to the beautiful dining room only amplified the exquisite cuisine. I definitely plan to go back upon my next return to Charleston.

        (and yes, I had a killer Bloody Mary!)

        Halls Chophouse‎

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          Shrimp and grits are so easy to make at home, I almost never order them when I'm eating out. In fact, Chef Robert Stehling at Hominy Grill learned to make shrimp and grits from Bill Neal (Crook's Corner - Chapel Hill, NC).

          Here's a link to Bill Neal's shrimp and grits recipe. And, no, these definitely do NOT suck.

          As far as alternative brunch options in Charleston, I had a fantastic brunch at The Grocery a while back. Plus, they make a really good bloody mary.

        2. Keep in mind Dixie Supply downtown on State Street.